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According to the State Agency of statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, feed production in 2010 amounted 0,4 Mln of tones which is 10,2 times less than in 1991. The production decline can be explained mainly by the diminishing number of agricultural animal heads. The Ministry of Agriculture accounted 42 companies in Kazakhstan producing animal feed. The production capacity of 35 companies amounted 915,5 thousand of tones. In 2011-12 years 5 additional feed producing plants started with total capacity 74 thousand of tones. The reason for the existing feed producing plants undercapacity is low demand for the product from agricultural producers. Main feed cultures are wheat, oats, barley, corn for feed, soy bean meal, sunflower meal. Cereal crops and soy bean meal are mainly produced in Kazakhstan. According to the statistics, every year the production of cereal crops amount 17 Mln of tones, corn production – 450 thousand of tones. Also 60 thousand of oilseed meal is produced every year. The oilseed meal produced in Kazakhstan is not used in feed production, thus it is exported