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"Kazagromarketing " organized the second meeting this year of the Commission on the financial health of subjects AIC. As is well known company is the operator of subsidizing interest rates loan and lease obligations subjects APK for financial recovery program "Agribusiness in 2020 ."

During the meeting, the Commission considered 55 applications submitted by a number of financial institutions, including the subsidiaries of the holding "KazAgro" and second-tier banks .

Total debt on the submitted bids totaled 30.4 billion tenge.

Borrowers are agribusinesses 9 regions of the country and two cities : North Kazakhstan - 12 , Akmola - 6 Kostanayskaya - 7 , Aktobe - 4 , Almaty - 5 , East-Kazakhstan - 9 , West Kazakhstan - 1 , Karaganda - 5 , Pavlodar - 1 , South Kazakhstan - 2 and Astana - Almaty and 1 - 2.

Following the meeting, the Commission approved 46 applications agro debt totaling 15.5 billion tenge.

Recall the program for financial recovery agribusiness operates the second year. Last year, 27 applications were approved borrowers debt totaling 17.7 billion tenge. This year, the Commission on the financial health have been satisfied on the application of borrowers 28 aggregate principal amount of 56.7 billion tenge.

What is the financial recovery of subjects AIC ?

The essence of the measures of state is the cost of credit entities APK taken them to grow your business or purchase special machines and equipment , 7 % in tenge and by 5% in foreign currency. Within the financial recovery also extended to 9 years loan repayment period and deducted fines and penalties.

In the financial restructuring of entities may participate agribusiness loans granted prior to 1 January 2014.

In order to use this measure of state , agricultural producers must apply to the financial institution in which the loan was obtained . Financial institutions are the second-tier banks , credit organizations licensed to conduct banking activities , as well as credit unions in the agricultural sector .

Financial recovery is based on the Rules of subsidizing interest rates on loans and lease obligations subjects APK for financial recovery , approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan April 18, 2014 № 379.

For clarification on the program , please contact the call- center "Kazagromarketing " by number 8 800 080 7080 (Toll- free within Kazakhstan).