Discussion of initiatives in Kyzylorda region.

More than 171,5 billion tenge in agro-industrial complex of Kyzylordinsky area it is invested for today by Kazagro National holding group of companies. Only last year by holding subsidiaries on implementation of various projects in the region it is directed to 2,3 billion tenge. About it it was spoken at a meeting of the management of "Kazagro" with an asset of Kyzylordinsky area and its agricultural producers.

As the chairman of the board of JSC National Operating Holding Kazagro Dulat Aytzhanov noted, to Kyzylorda there arrived heads of the main structural divisions and holding subsidiaries in order that on a place to study projects and quickly to resolve topical issues of rural businessmen of the region.

Landowners of area the wide range of questions – from subsidizing of interest rates before simplification of procedures of crediting, from measures of support of the forthcoming spring and field works to financing terms of large investment projects interested.

At a meeting with agricultural businessmen of area Dulat Aytzhanov told about the main objectives,

which are put before itself by "Kazagro" in 2013. As a whole all of them are directed on expansion of availability of financial resources for agricultural producers of the republic. The holding intends to optimize as much as possible credit process, to improve qualities of service, by introduction of system of service of agricultural producers by the principle of "one window" and to work over further improvement of procedure of crediting.

As it was noted during a meeting, in the current year the holding will direct more than 139 billion tenge for the solution of priority tasks of agro-industrial complex in 2013. Means will be used for financing of spring and field works, agricultural products purchase, development of animal husbandry, implementation of the investment program, financing of small and medium business.