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Zuyeva businessman ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC)


Project name - Reconstruction of workshop for production and smoking of sea products and workshop for production of sausage goods.

Project location – Karaganda region, Osakarovka district, Akpan village, Nizhnyaya str.,10.

Project essence – production of smoked fish, meat amd sausage goods.

Project cost – 18,5 million tenge (0,1 million US dollars).

Investments required – 12,9 million tenge (0,07 million US dollars).

Production capacity  - 4600 tons yearly.

Project initiator - Zuyeva businessman ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC).

Readiness to share the project – till 50 %

Material and technical base availability – smoking workshop.

Current condition on the project – company is operating, but has difficulties with absence of working capital and external loans payable.