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Project name: «Crown Батыс» LLC


I. General information:

1. Cost of the project (USD mln)

2. Location of the project (incl. distance from the regional center)

3. Project Documentation

(design and estimate documentation, Feasibility Study, working program) available/non-available, degree of completion


West-Kazakhstan region, Zelenovskii region, Yanaikino village



II. Project Description

4. Project description

Feedlot, for 8640  fattening cattle

5. Final product (quantity per year, tons, etc.)

2 000 tons of meat

6. Market outlet (distribution area: Customs Union, PRC, etc.)

purchase of cattle in the surrounding areas

7. Project implementation period (roadmap)

12-15 months

8. Planned start of construction (year)

2008 year

9. Planned launch date of the object

The object has been operating since 2010

10. Provision of land

36 599 ha

11. Availability of transport infrastructure

Available, there is an asphalt highway.

The distance to the:

Uralsk – 70 km, Samara – 330 km (Russia), Orenburg – 350 km (Russia)

12. Possibility of communication connection (electric power, water, canalization and other)

available, the object connected to all communications

13. Availability of premises (to mention the size, parameters of  object)

20 000 sq.m.

14. Possibilities of formation of the minimum authorized capital by the Kazakhstani companies (30% from total cost of project) for attraction of financing

There is no opportunity now

15. Availability of the necessary budget funds or need for budget financing


16. Total number of new created jobs


17. Total number of created workplaces in the construction period


18. Quota for labor


19. Investment preferences


20. Other measures of the State support


21. Current situation on the project

Shortage of financing

22. Project implementation period. Action area plan (further action plan)

2016-2017 years.

Replenishment of floating assets; Purchase of calves; Purchase feed;

Fattening calves; Realization of cattle.

23. Socio-economic impact of the project

Increase in number of work places and stability of enterprise

III. Participants of the project:


Republic of Kazakhstan

24. Name of the company

«Crown Батыс» LLC

25. The form of participation in the project (joint venture. debt, EPC)

Joint venture share in a capital

26. Brief description of the company

«Crown Батыс» LLC – is feedlot for 8 640 fattering cattle, placed in Yanaikino village, Zelenovskii region, and West-Kazakhstani region. The feedlot is engaged in realization of meat. Available infrastructure – compound feed plant, granary, shed, slaughter, refrigerators

27. Contact information of CEO (full name, mobile phone number, email)

8 (7112) 28 50 25

Tasmagambetov Miras Yerlanovich

28. Contact person for the project (name, position, mobile phone number, e-mail)

JSC "KazAgroProduct"!, tel. 8-(7172)-554-554 (ad.1020)


IV. Proposals on the project Implementation

29. The scheme of financing (capital investments or debt)

30. Technological scheme (terms of delivery of equipment, technology transfer, etc.)

31. Other proposals (if any)

32. Necessity in additional financing

Investments in current assets

The new processing equipment for a complex is delivered from Germany. Training of employees in management of this equipment was provided by foreign experts.


Additional investments are necessary