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"Astana Agro" agrocompany" Ltd


Project name - Construction of vegetable store

Project location – Karaganda region, Nura district, Mynbyeva village

Project essence - Construction of vegetable store to provide population with fresh vegetables at affordable prices in inter-season.

Project cost – KZT 5883 million (USD 31.8  million)

Investments required - KZT 5883 million (USD 31.8  million)

Production capacity - 10 000 tons.

Project initiator - "Astana Agro" agrocompany" Ltd.

Project type: start-up.

Material and technical basis availability – at present there are state acts for temporarily use of land lots for fee with total area 639 ha, work for allocation of lot of 800 ha additionally is carried out.

Current condition on the project - project implementation is stopped due to absence of assets.