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"Saga-Astana" Ltd


Project name - Construction of vegetable store.

Project location - Astana city, Sary-Arka district, Ondiris str.

Project essence - Construction of vegetable store to provide population with fresh vegetables and fruits at affordable prices in inter-season.

Project cost – KZT 1665 million (USD 9  million)

Investments required - KZT 499,5 million (USD 2,7  million)

Production capacity - 14 000 tons.

Payback period – 108 months

Project initiator – "Saga-Astana" Ltd.

Project type: start-up.

Proposal to investor: for construction of vegetable store to invest about KZT 499,5 million (USD 2,7  million) with payback term within 6 years and establishment of JV through investor's entering as a partner in 45% of share of "Saga-Astana" Ltd.