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"Agrarian credit corporation" JSC", "Arshaly Zhemis"


Project name - Construction of vegetable store

Project location – Akmola region, Arshaly district, Arshaly settlement

Project essence - Construction of vegetable store for processing, storage and realization of fruit and vegetable and fruit products.

Project cost – KZT 407 million (USD 2,2  million)

Investments required - KZT 407 million (USD 2,2  million)

Payback period – 60 months

Project initiator – "Agrarian credit corporation" JSC", "Arshaly Zhemis".

Project type: start-up.

Material and technical basis availability – Vegetable store is located on area of production base with premises with total area 4 775,9 m2 with land lot with area 4,168 ha.

Current condition on the project – facility is not constructed, there are no assets for project implementation.