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Main conditions of the program
Financial improvement is carried out by two methods:
1. Restructuring of credit and leasing obligations, by increase in terms of return, change of an order and sequence of repayment of payments, change of a rate of remuneration, and also granting a grace period on repayment available for borrowers to credit and leasing obligations.
2. Refinancing of credit/creditor and leasing obligations – granting to borrowers of the new target credits, or replacement of earlier given out credits by the conclusion of additional agreements with long-term terms of return, a low interest rate of remuneration and a grace period on repayment of available debts.
Credit/creditor/leasing obligations of borrowers on replenishment reverse, acquisition of fixed assets, receiving in leasing of agricultural and special machinery, the technological and processing equipment are subject to restructuring and refinancing.
The credit/creditor/leasing obligations which have arisen till January 1, 2014 are subject to restructuring and refinancing.
Financial improvement assumes subsidizing of rates of remuneration according to credit and/or leasing obligations for all term of their action, but no more than 9 years.
Subsidizing of a rate of remuneration is carried out by decrease it according to credit and leasing obligations of borrowers on 7% per annum and for 5% in foreign currency.
At the same time, funding process is provided in Rules.  JSC National Management Holding Kazagro (the financial agent) acts as source of means of funding. 
The remuneration rate on investment of funds of funding is established of no more than 10% per annum in tenge of 7% from which is subsidized with the state and no more than 6% per annum in foreign currency 5% from which are subsidized with the state. 
Means of funding take place the financial agent at financial institutions with the remuneration rate no more than 3% per annum in tenge and 1% in foreign currency. 
Thus the remuneration rate under the re-structured/refinanced contracts of borrowers shouldn't exceed 7% per annum in tenge and 5% in foreign currency on credit according to leasing obligations.
In the current year, for realization of this measure of the state support it is provided by 14,7 billion tenge. 
For participation in financial improvement it is necessary to address in financial institutions to which they have a debt. 
It is possible to study detailed information on conditions and procedure of financial improvement in the corresponding Rules on an e-mail address: www.minagri.gov.kz . www.kam.kz , and also by free phone of JSC Kazagromarketing 8 800 080 70 80.