Investment project in agribusiness complex of Zhambyl region is going to export

Aulie-Ata Fenix LLP poultry plant in Zhambyl region for production of up to 4000 tons of broiler meat per year which was commissioned 9 months ago, today works upon expanding of supplies geography and plans to ramp up production.
         The poultry plant is located in Baizak district of the region, its total cost is 2 billion tenge including 1.2 billion tenge financed through “KazAgroFinance” JSC, the company in the structure of “KazAgro” Holding.
The production is organized on the basis of old turkey-grower plant built in 1978, but since 90s was out of operation.
         During the project implementation full repair was carried out of 16 poultry houses, stores, laboratory, administrative buildings, slaughter and feed plant were reconstructed, hatching house was built. Within the program “Business roadmap – 2020” during construction of facility a wide network of communication systems was laid for 547 million tenge: water supply, sewage, gas supply, electrification, as well as water treatment and water intake facilities were erected.
For funds allocated under KazAgro also were purchased equipment for floor housing of broilers, heating devices for poultry houses, system poultry houses management system, incubatory and cooling equipment, equipment for feed stuff production, line for slaughtering, necessary special machines were purchased.
            According to Farida Djunusova, director of Aulie-Ata Fenix LLP, the enterprise set the production of high-qualitative poultry meat under the Halal standards and from the beginning of the year produced over 3 thousand tons of products. The first export consignment was delivered to neighboring Russia. Negotiations are carried out for expansion of export possibilities to other countries. As the head of poultry plant noted, meat products is supplied to all regions of Kazakhstan including the capital of the republic. In perspective it is supposed with the support of KazAgro to bring the capacity of the enterprise to 20 thousand tons. In its region the poultry plant will open up to 40 sales outlets where the production will be sold without mediators at the cost of producer.
It should be noted that in poultry breeding sector of Kazakhstan since 2010 growth of production volumes of domestic poultry plants amounted to 136.4 percent. Positive dynamics of the sector development is facilitated by financial support of investment projects by “KazAgro” National holding. Today an industrial poultry breeding in Kazakhstan is one of the most development industries of livestock.
      In whole for today in agribusiness complex of Kazakhstan, “KazAgro” National holding has financed 24 projects related to construction of poultry plants of meat and egg direction. Their aggregate productivity is 104.4 thousand tons of poultry meat and 880.1 million eggs. Total financing sum – 47.1 billion tenge. Main administrator of the holding programs connected with investment projects implementation in the sector is “KazAgroFinance” JSC and “Agrarian credit corporation” JSC.
      In whole, as of September 2017 investment portfolio of “KazAgro” National holding includes 539 projects with total cost of 347.3 billion tenge. Totally 510 projects were commissioned with total cost of 311 billion tenge, including in 2017 – 11 investment projects with cost of 12.2 billion tenge.