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Institutional and financial support 

"Baiterek" National management holding" JSC 

"Baiterek" NMH" JSC is a national management holding, main activity of which is management of shares owned by it on the right of the ownership and handed to trust management of national development institutes, national companies and other legal entities.

The list of joint stock companies state shares of which are handed for payment of placing shares of "Baiterek" national management holding" joint stock company includes:

1.  "National agency for technological development" joint stock company (100% of shares); 

2.  "Zhilstroysberbank" joint stock company» (100% акций);

3.  "Kazakhstan mortgage company" mortgage company" joint stock company (91,3554% of shares);

4.  "Kazakhstan fund of mortgage loans guaranteeing" joint stock company (100% of shares);

5.  "Fund of distressed assets" joint stock company (100% of shares);

6.  "Development bank of Kazakhstan" joint stock company (100% of shares);

7.  "Kazyna capital management" joint stock company (100% of shares);

8. "KazExportGarant" Export-credit insurance corporation" joint stock company (100% of shares);

9.  "Investment fund of Kazakhstan" joint stock company (100% of shares);

10. "Damu" entrepreneurship development fund" joint stock company (100% of shares).


"Development Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC 

"Development Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC is a state financial development institution presenting medium-term and long-term financing of investment projects and leasing deals and trade financing of export operations in priority economy sectors of Kazakhstan.

With the help of the Bank financing as of 01.01.2011 there were commissioned 62 new and modernized enterprises and infrastructure facilities with total cost more than $3.3 billion and Bank participation in amount of $ 1.6 billion.


• facilitation of stable economic growth and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan through submission of long-term financing and other financial services to different sectors of industry except for mining ones;

• improvement and increase of efficiency of the Republic of Kazakhstan Government activity in field of industry investing;

• facilitation of foreign and domestic investing to Kazakhstan economy;

• stimulation and development of industrial infrastructure and processing industries involving to raw processing (not related to oil and gas exploration and production).


• attraction of direct investments to economy;

• projects financing in priority sectors of economy. 


• loans for investment projects: from 5 to 20 years, minimum sum $5 million;

• financial leasing: from 3 to 20 years, minimum sum $1 million;

• loans for export deals: from 1 to 3 years, minimum sum $1 million;

• project financing;

• issue of guarantees;

• agency services for state programs.

• participation in capital;

• mezzanine financing;

• interbank lending;

• financing of working capital. 

"Development Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC 

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Esil district,

Orynbor str., 10 ("Kazyna Tower" building)

Tel.: +7 (7172) 79 26 79

Fax: +7 (7172) 79 26 38

Republic of Kazakhstan, 050000, Almaty city,

"Nurly Tau" business center, Al-Farabi av., 19, block 1Б, office 204.

Tel.: +7(7273) 110 470

Fax: +7 (7273) 110 470



"Investment fund of Kazakhstan" JSC

Fund goal is facilitation in implementation of industrial-innovative policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan through attraction of investments to projects of perspective organizations, financial support to initiatives of private sector for creation of competitive productions in non-energy economy. 

Main instrument for goal implementation is direct participation in equity capital of investing company. 

Fund tasks:

1. Investing to authorized capitals of new established, and existing organizations producing deepened processing of raw and materials, and rendering production services to perspective organizations implementing their activities in industry;

2. Stimulation of investments to non-energy sector of economy through co-financing of investment projects by the Fund (investing to authorized capitals of organizations) and participation in these projects management;

3. Facilitation increase of investment activity of Kazakhstan organizations abroad through joint financing of investment projects abroad the Republic of Kazakhstan providing production cooperation between domestic and foreign organizations developing complementary, adjacent productions.

 "Investment fund of Kazakhstan" JSC

050010, Almaty city, Kazakhstan

Zenkova str., 80

Tel.: +7 (727) 2598 131, 2588 333

Fax: +7 (727) 2583 799

e-mail: ifk@ifk.kz



"National agency for technological development" JSC 

"National agency for technological development" joint stock company ("NATD" JSC) is established with 100% participation of the state in the authorized capital and is a successor of "National innovative fund" JSC.

The Agency is established for providing coordination of innovative development processes and submission of state supporting.

Main directions of the Agency activity: 

• information and analytical support of innovative processes;

• development of commercialization system;

• development of effective innovative infrastructure;

• administration of service instruments of innovations support;

• investment support of innovative projects;

• popularization of innovative activity.

"National agency for technological development" JSC 

Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana city

Dostyk str., 18, "Moscow" business center, 7th floor 

Tel.: +7 (7172) 571 012, 571 014, 571 018

Fax: +7 (7172) 517 021

E-mail: info@natd.gov.kz  



"Damu" entrepreneurship development fund" JSC 

"Damu" Fund mission – facilitation qualitative development of small and medium business of Kazakhstan. 

Main strategic goals of "Damu" fund are: 

1)  facilitation to increase of amount of actively operating entrepreneurship entities and number of job places through ensuring availability of financing to all entities of small and medium business possessing development potential; 

2) Facilitation to entrepreneurship development in non-energy economy sectors; 

3) Increase of professionalism of  small and medium business entities and involvement of population to entrepreneurship. 

Basic instruments of "Damu" fund to support entrepreneurship are financing of private business entities through second-tier banks, subsidizing of percent rates, submission of guarantees before banks, grace financing of leasing deals and microlending organizations, and provision of non-financial support (training, consulting, information and analytical support). 

"Damu" fund is a main state institution for entrepreneurship development in the country and has regional branches in all 14 regions of Kazakhstan and in Astana and Almaty cities.

 "Damu" entrepreneurship development fund" JSC 

50004, Republic of Kazakhstan 

Almaty city, Gogol str., 111

Tel.: +7 (727) 244-55-66

Fax: +7 (727) 244-83-41

E-mail: info@fund.kz



"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC 

Kazyna Capital Management is established for attraction to Kazakhstan economy of foreign capital to form fund of direct investments which are source of financing for Kazakhstan companies.

KCM promoted development of direct investments market and introduction of the best world practice for assets management in Kazakhstan.


• increase of investment activity of private domestic and foreign capitals in non-energy economy sectors of Kazakhstan and creation of competitive productions; 

• institutional development in Kazakhstan of direct investments market, industry of professional management companies;

• development of state-private partnership in systemically important and infrastructural projects to solve matters of state policy with account of private business interests. 


• participation in implementation of state programs through participation in authorized capitals of domestic and foreign investment funds and project companies;

• attraction to Kazakhstan of the largest institutional investors, and stimulation of domestic investors for joint financing of non-energy sectors of economy;

• attraction of leading international organizations and managing companies with long experience and stable earning yield as strategic partners;

• selection of foreign assets most attractive from interests of Kazakhstan economy through the mechanism of participation in capital of interstate investment funds and project companies.

At present "Kazyna Capital Management is a shareholder in 9 funds of direct investments: Aureos Central Asia Fund, Falah Growth Fund, Kazakhstan Growth Fund, Macquarie Renaissance Infrastructure Fund,CITIC Kazyna Investment Fund, ADM Kazakhstan Capital Restructuring Fund, Kazakhstan Hong Kong Development Fund, Wolfenson Capital Partners, KAzakhtsan-Tajikistan fund of direct investments. 

"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC 

050020 Almaty city, Dosyk av., 291/3а, 2nd floor .

tel:    +7 (727) 334 1417

fax: +7 (727) 334 1418

E-mail: info@kcm-kazyna.kz



"KazExportGarant" expert-credit insurance corporation" JSC

"KazExportGarant" expert-credit insurance corporation" JSC has a status of export-credit agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan and implements financial and insurance support of export operations for enterprises of non-energy sector of economy by the following directions: 

- insurance of non-energy goods and services exporting;

- insurance of direct investments abroad;

- insurance of bank products (documentary letters of credit and guarantees);

- export trade financing through placement of conditional deposits;

- rendering of consulting services for issues of foreign economic activity.

In order to increase capacity of domestic insurance market and share of Kazakhstan content KazExportGarant renders reinsurance services in sector "common insurance". 

"KazExportGarant" expert-credit insurance corporation" JSC 

Almaty city, Zenkova str., 80 (2nd floor)

tel. +7 (727) 250 00 21

E-mail: info@keg.kz    



"Kazakhstan industry development institute" JSC  


Facilitation to industrial-innovative development of the country through scientific-analytical provision; development of practical recommendations for decision of matters of industrial policy of Kazakhstan.

Main tasks:

• researches in industrial policy, modernization and diversification of Kazakhstan productions, increase of competitiveness of processing sectors of industry and innovations;

• research of theoretical, methodological and practical issues of industry development; 

• research of economic factors of industry sectors restructuring and development of inter-sectorial cooperation, development of measures to stimulate and support of restructuring and inter-sectorial cooperation in industry; 

• development of methods and practical manuals for evaluation and monitoring of economic indicators of industry development;

• preparation of proposals  for integration of Kazakhstan industry segments into world production and economic system, development of international cooperation in industrial production;

• preparation of proposals for optimal placement of productions, development of clusters, creation of special economic and industrial zones;

• forecasting of main trends f industries development.

Main products:

• analytical reports, information and analytical materials, forecasts and reviews;

• expert evaluation of program documents, investment projects; 

• expert reports and evaluations;

• methods, practical manuals and other regulatory documents; 

• economic-mathematics models, databases, monitoring of industry development by sectors and regions;

• organization of roundtables, seminars and conferences.

"Kazakhstan industry development institute" JSC 

Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, 

Astana city, Syganak str.,, 25 

tel.: (7172) 79-64-60

E-mail: kiri_pressa@mail.ru



"NADLoC" National agency on development of local content" JSC 

Company goal: creation of conditions for local goods, works and services promotion at domestic market. 

Company tasks:

• formation and maintenance of database for these goods, works, services and their suppliers 

• maintenance of information systems "Register of goods, works and services used at operations for subsurface resources management and their producers" and "Internet-portal "Kazakhstan content" 

• facilitation to closing of long-term agreements and development of perspective and competitive products 

• rendering of information-analytical and consulting services in local content development 

• rendering of services to the authorized body in state support of industrial-innovative activity for reimbursement of part of expenses for goods, works and services promotion of agents of industrial-innovative activity at domestic market 

• expertise for local content 

"NADLoC" National agency on development of local content" JSC 

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Turan str.,18 

business center "Turan 18", 4th floor, block "B" 

tel/fax + 7 (7172) 79-95-15 (reception); 

E-mail: nadloc@nadloc.kz



Council of foreign investors

The Council is established for purpose of:

• provision and development of direct dialogue with investors working in Kazakhstan 

• operative solution of problems related to investment activities 

The Council develops and submits for consideration of the President and the Government of Kazakhstan recommendations for items related to investment activity in Kazakhstan. 

Meetings of the Council are held once a year under chairmanship of the Head of the state. 

The Council includes: 

from Kazakhstan side heads of state bodies 

from foreign side heads of international financial and economic organizations, large foreign companies and corporation operating in Kazakhstan. 

Working body of the Council is the Committee for investments of the Ministry of industry and new technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Foreign investors of the Council established "Kazakhstan council of foreign investors" association which includes all foreign companies of the Council. 

Association of "Kazakhstan council of foreign investors": 

Astana city, Kabanbay batyr av., 6/1. Business center "Kazkad", 3rd floor, office 31/2, tel.: +7 7172 925550, fax: + 7 7172 925553,

e-mail: director@fic.kz, assistant@fic.kz