It is necessary to develop insurance instruments such as insurance of business risks in domestic agribusiness complex.

Today, insurance companies hardly pay, and sometimes does not carry insurance payments to crop and livestock production, but we are trying to build a system of relations with them, and from the next year the situation will change for the better. This was stated by Chairman of the Executive Board of "KazAgro" National management holding" JSC Dulat Aitzhanov at discussion of the problems of rural loans availability. As reported, the head of holding "KazAgro" at this time is in the East Kazakhstan region, where during his trip he meets with agricultural producers of the region. During a meeting with representatives of agribusiness of East Kazakhstan region Dulat Aitzhanov described the major challenges posed in front of "Kazagro" in 2013. In general, they are all aimed at increasing the availability of financial resources for agricultural country. Holding intends to optimize the credit process, improve service quality through the introduction of service of agricultural producers on the principle of "one window" and work on the problem of access to loan. In addition, now jointly with community organizations and concerned agencies the Holding solved the issue of providing greater access for agribusiness to commercial and logistics system. Today, according to Aytzhanov words to obtain loan for production, it is usually requires a valid business, liquid collateral. However, in some cases, even the presence of these components does not guarantee a rapid solution. We are carefully studying the experience of financing in the countries with developed agriculture, to adapt it to our realities. But today, we need to mobilize domestic resources and tools which we consider that what is called a "at hand". In particular, to address the issue of collateral we propose to consider the possibility of pledging on socially important projects of communal property, through the transfer of its property SEC. This is a great bed "nonworking" property, which can be involved in the creation of new industries. But caution is needed and, in view of sensitivity about the issue, and such facilities should serve as security only as a calculated and effective projects. "With the financial crisis there is a special meaning of access to resources. To reduce the pressure on the budget, we need to work together to fight for a revival of "non-working" portfolio - the "frozen" in the troubled projects credit resources. From entrepreneurs in rural areas we need to understand that tools such as restructuring or extension are not a panacea for ills, and are forced necessity, extreme measure to which agricultural producers should be resorted to only in exceptional cases. It is therefore necessary to increase the social responsibility of the business community, by resorting to mechanisms of social ostracism and other instruments of influence on inefficient owners. Great help for village could be second-tier banks, but they are reluctant to lend agricultural producers, mostly limited to short-term loans (the reason - high risk industries). In these circumstances, the state possibly need to develop a system to guarantee loans to attract liquidity in the agricultural sector by commercial banks," said Chairman of the Executive Board of "KazAgro" Dulat Aitzhanov.

KazAgroTV 05.12.12