Interview with the Chairman

Date Topic of interview
19.02.2016 By results of activity of "KazAgro" National management holding" JSC for 2015 and prospects of development for 2016
06.06.2014 Cooperation with Hungary will help us change the situation in the processing of agricultural products - the chapter "KazAgro" D.Aytzhanov
21.06.2013 About measures of "KazAgro" Holding" JSC for development of livestock
20.06.2013 Interview with the Chairman of the Executive Board of "KazAgro" Holding" JSC for "Kazakhstan capitalist" magazine 
30.03.2013 "KazAgro" promises to lighten loan debt burden for most agricultural enterprises 
29.03.2013 To manage agriculture is not easy
28.03.2013 Preparation to spring sowing and harvesting works for 2013 by "KazAgro" Holding" JSC
20.03.2013 "KazAgro" is full of finances, but you shall know ways to them
19.03.2013 About measures of support of agribusiness entities of Akmola region and new directions of activities of "KazAgro" Holding" JSC for 2013
18.03.2013 The issues of interaction of agricultural producers and entrepreneurs  with "KazAgro" were discussed in Petropavlovsk, reports
02.03.2013  Working group of "KazAgro" met with business representatives 
02.03.2013 "KazAgro" has discussed issues of agribusiness development with agrarians of the South-Kazakhstan region
13.02.2013 Discussion of "KazAgro" initiatives in Kyzylorda region
04.02.2013 About results of activities of "KazAgro" Holding" JSC for 2012 and tasks for forthcoming period
05.12.2012 In domestic agribusiness it is necessary to develop insurance instruments such as insuring of business risks
04.12.2012 "KazAgro" plans to open centers for farmers servicing