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April 18, 2014 decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved rules subsidizing interest rates on loans and lease obligations subjects of agriculture (AIC) for financial recovery. In fact, this measure support Kazakhstan farms and agricultural companies, which are now, for various reasons can not pay on their loans. 

Given that this instrument of state is new to our country, and there is a need to maximize awareness of the possibilities of subjects AIC program, National Holding "KazAgro" prepared explanations about the program of financial recovery in the form of questions and answers. 

According to the rules of the operator for financial rehabilitation exercises subsidiary of the Holding Company - "Kazagromarketing." Task of the operator is to receive documents from financial institutions; convening and holding meetings of the Commission for financial recovery; subsidy contracts; Call for Proposals for the transfer of financial institutions subsidies; monitoring reports submitted to financial institutions; monitor compliance with the terms of the rules of borrowers. 

It should be noted that the financial improvement of subjects AIC operates within the framework of development of agriculture in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2013-2020 "Agribusiness in 2020." 

- What do we mean by financial rehabilitation subjects AIC? 

- Financial improvement - a set of activities, which include restructuring, refinancing credit / creditor obligations agribusiness entities supported by the state in the form of interest rate subsidies and funding facilities of JSC "Holding" KazAgro "financial institutions. 

Subsidizing interest rates is done by reducing its loan and lease obligations of borrowers to 7% in tenge and by 5% in foreign currency, ie after the procedure of financial recovery borrower will only pay for the remainder of the fee. 

Also as part of financial recovery extended to 9 years loan repayment period and deducted fines and penalties. 

- Who can participate in the financial recovery? 

- The program of financial recovery is open to all subjects of agriculture, including traders and companies that provide maintenance services in the sectors of agriculture, before the financial institutions having credit / leasing and / or creditor obligations that arose prior to January 1, 2014. 

- Which organizations are treated as financial institutions? 

- Financial institutions are the second-tier banks; Organizations engaged in certain types of banking operations; credit unions in the agricultural sector; microfinance / microcredit organizations; legal entities with fully owned by the state, asking for credit and leasing activities in the agricultural sector; leasing companies operating in the field of agriculture. 

- What is the restructuring of credit and leasing obligations subjects AIC? 

- Restructuring of the loan and lease obligations - this increase in terms of return, changing the order of priority and maturity payments, changes in interest rates, as well as providing a grace period for repayment of debt. 

- What does it mean to refinance credit / creditor and lease obligations subjects AIC? 

- Refinancing credit / creditor and lease obligations - is the provision of loans to borrowers of new target, or replacement of the earlier loans by entering into additional agreements with long-term run-off, low-interest rates and a grace period for repayment of debt. 

- What is the role of the Holding "KazAgro" in the implementation of financial recovery subjects AIC? 

- Holding "KazAgro" provides funds to financial institutions for further restructuring / refinancing loan and lease obligations subjects AIC. 

- Can the borrower to participate in the financial recovery, if it has no problems with the repayment of the loan / lease / payable, and there is no outstanding debt? 

- Maybe. In financial recovery can involve all actors AIC regardless of the presence / absence of the above-mentioned problems with the repayment obligations. 

- Where to go with the application for financial recovery? 

- You are applying to a financial institution to whom you have obligations. Or you can go to any other financial institution with an application to refinance liabilities (including creditor) under the financial recovery. 

- What documents are required to participate in the program of financial recovery? 

- To participate in the program you are applying to shape; copies of contracts on credit / Accounts / lease obligations; document confirming the loan / lease (payment order, a statement of the account of the borrower specified in the loan / leasing contract, acceptance report the leased asset). 

- How does the program of financial recovery from what steps she is? 

- Financial recovery consists of several steps: 

1) The subject of APC submits the application and the required documents for participation in the financial restructuring of a financial institution. 

2) The financial institution shall send the documents for consideration by the operator - "Kazagromarketing." 

3) In accordance to the rules of documents subsidy operator shall convene a meeting of the Commission on the financial health of subjects AIC, which will decide on financial improvement. 

4) The operator shall inform the financial institution of the Commission's decision. 

5) In case of approval of the application subject between agribusiness and financial institution to sign a contract with the new conditions. 

- Is it necessary to prolong the term of the loan / credit to participate in the program of financial recovery? 

- Always, since rollover is one of the main conditions for financial recovery, but the minimum period of extension is not provided (maximum - up to 9 years). 

- What credit agreement / lease obligations of borrowers can not participate in financial recovery? 

- A subsidized interest rate of remuneration within the financial rehabilitation program are not subject to agreements on credit / lease obligations of borrowers, which are supported in the form of subsidized interest rates for other public and / or budget programs and contract financed from the national budget and the National Fund. 

- Is there a hotline to clarify the conditions of financial recovery? 

- Yes, for maximum inform all stakeholders about AIC possibility of financial recovery on the basis of "Kazagromarketing" valid call-center, calling that anyone can get clarification on the conditions of the program. Hot Line Number: 8 800 080 70 80. Should be noted that the calls are from all regions of Kazakhstan and the numbers of all mobile operators are free. 


Mission "Kazagromarketing" is to implement public policies to promote the formation of a market infrastructure agricultural goods and services, providing access to subjects AIC to information resources and consulting services based on extensive regional network of rural information and counseling centers and modern information technology. 

JSC "National Holding" KazAgro "implements the state policy on the development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan, by ensuring effective investment management companies included in its structure. 

The holding includes JSC "National Company" Food Contract Corporation "JSC," KazAgroprodukt "," KazAgroFinance "JSC," Agrarian Credit Corporation ", JSC" Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture ", JSC" KazAgroGarant "and JSC" KazAgroMarketing