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Zuyeva businessman ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC)

Project name - Reconstruction of workshop for production and smoking of sea products and workshop for production of sausage goods.

Project location – Karaganda region, Osakarovka district, Akpan village, Nizhnyaya str.,10.

Project essence – production of smoked fish, meat amd sausage goods.

Project cost – 18,5 million tenge (0,1 million US dollars).

Investments required – 12,9 million tenge (0,07 million US dollars).

Production capacity  - 4600 tons yearly.

Project initiator - Zuyeva businessman ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC).

Readiness to share the project – till 50 %

Material and technical base availability – smoking workshop.

Current condition on the project – company is operating, but has difficulties with absence of working capital and external loans payable.


 Taldykorgan meat ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC)

Project name – provision of region population with canned meat and sausage goods.

Project location – Taldykorgan city

Project essence – meat processing, production of canned meat and sausage goods

Project cost – 370 million tenge (2 million US dollars).

Investments required – 370 million tenge (2 million US dollars).

Production capacity  - 30 tons yearly.

Project initiator - Taldykorgan meat ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC)

Readiness to share the project – till 50 %

Material and technical base availability –production base including production-administrative building, store and mill, meat plant with compressor house, pump station. Production base is supplied with utilities (electricity, heat supply, sewage, water supply, access ways for cars and lorries).

Current condition on the project – At present "Taldykorgan meat" enterprise implements production and sale of canned meat goods (stewed beef, cereal with meat, Muslim sausage, Krakovskaya sausage). Production is implementing on territory of own production base. Company needs reconstruction of existing equipment, working capital financing.


Agro-business+ Ltd., ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC)

Project name - Meat processing with further deep freezing and realization

Project location – Kostanay region, Rudniy town, Pertsevka settlement

Project essence – investment to launch the project for meat processing.

Project cost – 161,1 million tenge (0,8 million US dollars).

Investments required – 161,1 million tenge (0,8 million US dollars).

Project initiator - Agro-business+ Ltd., ("Agrarian credit corporation" JSC).

Readiness to share the project – 50 %

Material and technical base availability – meat plant with total area 1 284,5 sq.m., with slaughter point and freezing equipment

Current condition on the project – idle.


"Aray KZ" Ltd

Project name - Modernization of meat processing complex

Project location – Karaganda city

Project essence – Purchasing of cattle, small cattle, horses, production equipment, special vehicles, financing of working capital for modernization and launching of meat processing complex.

Project cost – 136,9 million tenge (0,74 million US dollars).

Investments required – 107,3 million tenge (0,58 million US dollars).

Production capacity in year - beef – 276 tons; mutton – 200 tons; canned goods – 580,2 thousand pieces; semi-finished products – 10 tons; sausage – 20 tons.

Payback period – 22 months.

Net present value (NPV): KZT 213 176 thousand (USD 1,1 million)

Project initiator - "Aray KZ" Ltd.

Readiness to share the project – 49%.

Material and technical base availability – administration and amenity block, feedlot, slaughter point with equipment, laboratory, trade pavilion is constructed, vehicles are purchased, necessary utilities are supplied, infrastructure is brought in, availability of land lot. There is a stock of raw – 130 heads of cattle, 200 heads of small cattle.

Current condition on the project:

1. under "Business map road-2020" all necessary infrastructure is supplied;

2. slaughter point is commissioned;

3. equipment of Bulgarian company "Bonner" is purchased for slaughter point;

4. feedlot status for 400 heads is received;

5. certificate CT KZ  is received 100%.

6. application is submitted to receive the status of meat and meat products exporter.

Problems of project implementation – absence of financing, overdue accounts payable to "Agrarian credit corporation" JSC


"Tandem W" Ltd

Project name Establishment of cluster for meat products processing

Project location – Aktobe city, district of POSH, №575

Project essence – establishment of cluster for meat products processing providing feeding, slaughtering, processing. The company has meat plant with capacity of 8 tons of processed products daily and plans to expand including construction of feedlot for 5000 heads of cattle.

Project cost – 1594,7 million tenge (8,62 million US dollars).

Investments required – 925 million tenge (5,0 million US dollars).

Production capacity – maximum capacity of existing meat plant is 8 tons of processed meat products daily.

Payback period – 96 months

Project initiator – "Tandem W" Ltd.

Readiness to share the project – from 20 till 70%.

Material and technical base availability:

- plant area-1850 m2 and administrative building, adjacent area 2.6 ha

- 24 000 ha of planted and pasture lands

- all technological line from slaughtering till ready products processing and laboratory.

Additional information on the project:

- plant was designed and launched by German company EMF, equipped with German equipment. Commission in 2008. From 2011-2013 was conserved. From 2014 procedure of rehabilitation was applied and production proceeded.

-Company has experience in processing and client base, was certified, participated in Kazakhstan, international expos "TUTTIFOOD" in Italy and "ProdExpo" in Moscow.

-located on border with 4 regions of Kazakhstan and borders with Russia.

Current condition on the project: due to shortage of financing for cattle feeding, meat plant does not work for full capacity.

Project name:"Karasu Et" LLP

I.                   General information:

1.      Cost of the project,


2.   Location of the project

3. Project documentation (design documentation, detailed design documentation, design and estimate documentation, Feasibility Study, working program) available/non-available, degree of completion

1 471 747 423 tenge

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Kostanai region, Karasu District, village Karasu

Available, degree of completion – 100 %


II.                Project Description


4.    Project Description

Organization of production of meat-processing complex with a block meat and lump cuts in vacuum packing
Renewal of fixed assets

5.    Final product (quantity per year, tons, etc.)

Purchase of meat and production,

in 2015 were produced 2768 tons of main products

6.    Source of raw material

Purchase of meat

7.    Market outlet (distribution area: Customs Union, PRC, etc.)

Domestic market: Kostanai, Mangistau, Karaganda, Pavlodar region, Astana, Almaty. International: RF

8.    Project implementation period (roadmap)

8 years since the  issue of the first tranche (up to 26.08.17)

9.    Planned start of construction (year)


10.              Planned launch date of the project


11.              Provision of land

Provided with land

12.              Availability of transport infrastructure (r/w, car)


13.              Possibility of communication connection

(electric power, water supply, canalization and other)


14.              Availability of premises (to mention size, parameters of object)

Meat processing plant with a land area of 0.494 hectares (cadastral number 12-181-001-470), located at Kostanai region, Karasu District, village Karasu, Mirnaya Street

Meat processing plant with a land area of 2,665 hectares (cadastral number 12-183-018-339) located at Kostanai region, village Zatobol (south-western part), 4 km. of Auliekol highway

15.              Possibilities of formation of the minimum authorized capital by the Kazakhstani companies (30% from total cost of project) for attraction of financing

Possibility of the formation by domestic companies

16.              Availability of the necessary budget funds or need for budget financing

Non availability

17.              Total number of new created jobs


18.              The total number of created workplaces in the construction period


19.         Quotaforlabor


20.              Investment preferences

subsidies for repayment of VAT exemption (due to the fact that the main activity is the processing, according to the current Tax Code of the RK, there is an exemption in the VAT calculation)

21.              Other measures of the State support

Government grants, subsidies

1) During the lending - in accordance with the state program "Business Road Map" interest rate subsidized to 7%;

2) The product subsidies based on its category;

3) In the case of the purchase of equipment - the state payment is 30% of its value)

22.              Current situation on the project

There overdue obligations to the "Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC. Financial and economic activity of LLP is monitored for appropriate action (extension, restructuring, etc.)

23.         Project implementation period. Action area plan (further action plan)


Currently, because of the presence of overdue liabilities is considered a change in the repayment schedules.

The current schedule of repayment of principal periodicity – quarterly, fee - a quarterly basis.

24.              Socio-economic impact of the project

The creation of additionaljobsin the project area. Improvingthe socio-economic situation of the region.


III.             Participants of the project :



From RK

25. Name of the company

"Karasu Et" LLP

26. The form of participation in the project (joint venture, debt (credit), EPC (contractor))

Loan on Investment Project is 781 747 423 tenge, on processing 690 million tenge ("Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC)

27. Brief description of the company

The company called "Karasu-ET" LLP was founded in August 2010.
The founders of "Karasu-ET" LLP are the following persons: " Karasu" LLP, • Tursunov A.

The main activity of the company is the purchase, processing, storage and sale of livestock products, as well as the production of sausages and semi-finished products with the subsequent implementation in Kostanai region and the other regions of Kazakhstan

28. Contact information of CEO

Director of "Timofeev Agro",  Kuschugulov Bauyrzhan 


29. Contact person for the project

"Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC

Department of problematic loans - 8 (7172) 55 99 62


IV. Proposals on the project Implementation


30.  scheme of financing (capital investments or debt)

31.     Technological scheme (terms of delivery of equipment, technology transfer, etc.)

32.    Other proposals (if any)

33.    The need for additional investments


Borrowed funds


Non availability

There are (purchase of replacement equipment) 100 000 000 tenge.