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Dairy cluster «ASU LTD»

Project name – dairy cluster.

Project location – Almaty region, Rayumbek district, Kegen village.

Project essence – Establishment of dairy-commodity farm for 1000 heads of milking cattle as a raw base for commissioned plant with capacity 36 tons daily.

Project cost – KZT 3977,5 million (USD 21,5 million).

Investments required – KZT 555,0 million (USD 3,0) million

Payback period – 7 years.

Net present value (NPV) KZT 3052,5 million (USD 16,5) million

Project initiator - «ASU LTD».

Project type – start-up.

Planning products:

• milk of high category in amount of 9000 tons annually

• production of not less than 7500 tons of ready product annually in premium segment to provide food security of Almaty city and Almaty region under import-substitution program:

• pasteurized whole-milk and fermented milk products on ultraclean technology in HDPE bottle with expiry date till 30 days without ultra-pasteurization (a single analogue at the market is imported products from Russia – Danone and VimBillDann (Omsk plant)).

• children's line for kids – creamy yoghurt, yoghurt drinks with vitamins (analogue of "Rastisha" mark Danone-Moscow)

• unique products from curd whey – fitness drinks Protonic for export to China, Russia and UAE.

• ice-cream - 12-16% fatness in assortment

Availability of material-technical base – Dairy plant with capacity 36 tons daily for milk processing, buildings and facilities 1000 m2 with land lot 0.821 h, own food base 2064 ha on the enterprise balance by right of land use for 49 years, land lot of 17 ha allocated for construction of dairy-commodity farm in 2014, storage premises for 300 tons of products.

Total cost of enterprise as of 01.08.2014 - KZT 1202,5 million (USD 6,5) million 

Current condition on the project – business plan, feasibility study, design estimates for the project is developed, work is carrying out for allocated land execution to land use for 10 years under construction of dairy-commodity farm to private use of «ASU LTD».

There is a protocol of project introduction to Industrialization map of Akmaty region and support letter of "KazAgroFinance" JSC, Development Bank, authority of Almaty region and Rayumbek district. The project is submitted for consideration to "Development bank of Kazakhstan" JSC, "Kazyna Capital Management" JSC, "BRK Leasing" JSC.

Additional information:

For normal development of the project it is necessary to expand feed base in perspective by 2020 till 6000 ha, including irrigated tillage till 3000 ha. Current feed base is sufficient only for the first year of the project.

Form of investor participation in the project:

Investment participation under fee 20% annually received at the term end.

Participation period – 5 years

Term of exit from the project – payment of full direct investments in sum of KZT 555,0 million (USD 3,0) million + investment fee for 5 year in sum of KZT 555,0 million (USD 3,0) million at the term end. Total payment in 2019 – KZT 1110,0 million (USD 6,0) million to investor on terms of its full exit from participants.