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"Tandem W" Ltd


Project name – Establishment of cluster for meat products processing

Project location – Aktobe city, district of POSH, №575

Project essence – establishment of cluster for meat products processing providing feeding, slaughtering, processing. The company has meat plant with capacity of 8 tons of processed products daily and plans to expand including construction of feedlot for 5000 heads of cattle.

Project cost – 1594,7 million tenge (8,62 million US dollars).

Investments required – 925 million tenge (5,0 million US dollars).

Production capacity – maximum capacity of existing meat plant is 8 tons of processed meat products daily.

Payback period – 96 months

Project initiator – "Tandem W" Ltd.

Readiness to share the project – from 20 till 70%.

Material and technical base availability:

- plant area-1850 m2 and administrative building, adjacent area 2.6 ha

- 24 000 ha of planted and pasture lands

- all technological line from slaughtering till ready products processing and laboratory.

Additional information on the project:

- plant was designed and launched by German company EMF, equipped with German equipment. Commission in 2008. From 2011-2013 was conserved. From 2014 procedure of rehabilitation was applied and production proceeded.

-Company has experience in processing and client base, was certified, participated in Kazakhstan, international expos "TUTTIFOOD" in Italy and "ProdExpo" in Moscow.

-located on border with 4 regions of Kazakhstan and borders with Russia.

Current condition on the project: due to shortage of financing for cattle feeding, meat plant does not work for full capacity.