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"KazAgroProduct" JSC, "OtesBioAsia" Ltd


Project name - Modern feedlot with developed infrastructure for 5 000 heads of cattle.

Project location – Akdala village, Balkash district, Almaty region.

Project essence – increase of heads number for feeding and production of cattle meat for domestic and foreign markets.

Project cost - 4 700,0 million tenge (25 million US dollars).

Investments required - 4 700,0 million tenge (25 million US dollars).

Production capacity – one-time keeping of up to 5000 heads of cattle, slaughter point – slaughtering of 40 heads of cattle in shift.

Payback period – 10 years.

Project initiator – "KazAgroProduct" JSC, "OtesBioAsia" Ltd.

Current condition on the project – facility is commissioned but has deficit of working capital.