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Project Design Abstract

Project name: "Factory" PPW-Taraz" LLP


I. General information:


1. Cost of the project,

(USD mln)

2. Location of the project

3. Projectdocumentation (design documentation, detailed design documentation, design and estimate documentation, Feasibility Study, working program) available/non-available, degree of completion

2.9 (at the exchange rate of 15.02.2016)

Taraz, street Sypatay Batyr 8 b

Available, 100%


II. Project Description


4. Project Description

Organization of production of Tops on the base of  factory of primary processing of wool (PPW) in Taraz

5. Finalproduct (quantity per year, tons, etc.)

Tops, up to 870 tons per year

6. Market outlet (distribution area: Customs Union, PRC, etc.)

Domestic market is 50%

Export 50%

7. Project implementation period (roadmap)

October 15, 2016 (output at full capacity)

8. Planned start of construction (year)

November 9, 2009

9. Planned launch date of the project

October 15, 2016

10. Provision of land

                      Provided with land

11. Availability of transport infrastructure(r/w, car)

R/w, car

12. Possibility of communication connection

 (electricpower, water supply, canalizationand other)


13. Availabilityofpremises(to mention size, parameters of object)

Non-residential premises (property complex (base) with a total area of 62 186.6 square meters with 13.1649 hectaresland,

Non-residential premises (office building) with a total area 1265.70 square meters, with 0,143 hectares of land.

Non-residential premises (medical center, press-packingworkshop and warehouse) with a total area of 2678.6 square meters, with a land size of 0.4318 hectares, located at the address: Taraz, st.SypatayBatyr №8 "b"

14. Possibilities of formation of the minimum authorized capital by the Kazakhstani companies (30% from total cost of project) for attraction of financing 

Possibility of the formation by domestic companies

15. Availability of the necessary budget funds or need for budget financing  

Non availability

16. Total number of new created jobs


17. The total number of created workplaces in the construction period


18. Quota for labor


19. Investment preferences

Exemption from customs duties

Government grants

20. Other measures of the State support


21. Current situation on the project


The reason for the backlog of designed capacity is the lack of working capital. Factory suspended.Currently, the work on financial improvement is held.

22. Project implementation period. Action area plan (further action plan)

Project implementation period: October15, 2016 (output at full capacity). Start of the construction:March 2010, the end:  July 2010. Launched in October 2010, the production and marketing of the first products was in 2011.

23. Socio-economic impact of the project


The creation of additional jobs in the project area. Improving the socio-economic situation in the region.


III. Participants of the project :



Republic of Kazakhstan

24. Name of the company

"Factory PPW-Taraz"LLP

25. The form of participation in the project (joint venture, debt (credit), EPC (contractor))


26. Brief description of the company

"Factory PPW-Taraz»LLP №9628-1919-LLP from 29.05.2008, BIN 060 540 004 398, the date of first registration 22.05.2006,

Participants of "Factory PPW-Taraz"LLP: Momyshev Bolat; "SPC" Taraz " JSC;

«Servim SRL».

Primary processing of wool, production of tops

27. Contact information of CEO (full name, mobile phone number, email)

"Factory PPW-Taraz" LLP, General Director – B.Momyshev


28. Contact person for the project (name, position, mobile phone number, email)

"Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC, 8 (7172) 55 99 61


IV. Proposals on the project Implementation


29. The scheme of financing (capital investments or debt)

30. Technological scheme (terms of delivery of equipment, technology transfer, etc.)

31. Other proposals (if any)

32. The need for additional investments


Borrowed funds



For the equipment for the production of tights, worsted fabrics and blankets