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Production of woolens "POSH-Taraz" plant" Ltd.


Project name – Production of wool worsted cloth and blanket.

Project location – Zhambyl region, Taraz city, Sypatay batyr str., 8B

Project essence – Modernization and increase of production capacities of  "POSH-Taraz" plant" Ltd.

Project cost – KZT 2775 million (USD 15 million)

Investments required – KZT 2775 million (USD 15 million)

Goal – financing is necessary to finance circulating assets, acquisition of additional equipment (for production of yarn) and refinancing of current indebtedness before "Agrarian credit corporation" JSC.

Project initiator – "POSH-Taraz" plant" Ltd.

Project type - operating.

Availability of material and technical base – land lot is available with plant for production of topse, store houses.

Current condition on the project – business plan is developing, work is carried out for inclusion of this project to the program of Road Business Map-2020.

Investor's participation in the project: any forms of mutually beneficial cooperation.