Press Releases

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18.05.2018 Cooperation of KazAgro and Korea Institute in agriculture
27.03.2018 KazAgro" Holding – outlook "Stable"
04.01.2018 Kazakhstan-Hungarian fund has invested into the next project in agro-industrial complex in Kazakhstan
15.12.2017 Large-commodity dairy farm in South-Kazakhstan region has reached full projected capacity
14.12.2017 On signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Food Contract Corporation and the Islamic Organization for Food Security
07.12.2017 Kazakhstan-Hungarian fund invests into the next project of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan
Producers and processors of oil crops gathered in Astana at the conference
23.11.2017 Digital platform to support agribusiness
16.11.2017 «KazAgro» automates the process of farmers lending
28.09.2017 Investment project in agribusiness complex of Zhambyl region is going to export
28.09.2017 Information about financing of agribusiness complex of Zhambyl region by "KazAgro" National holding
25.08.2017 Agribusiness investment forum
17.08.2017 "KazAgro" National holding will gather investors and producers of agricultural products on Agribusiness investment forum in Astana
11.08.2017 Message for mass media. Participants of the AgroInvestForum
07.08.2017 Message for mass media. Green House Kazakhstan
01.08.2017 Agribusiness Investment Forum will be held in Astana on 25 August            
24.07.2017 About financing by "KazAgro" National holding of spring sowing and harvesting works 2017
03.07.2017 Cooperation of the Islamic organization for food security and "KazAgro" National holding
27.06.2017 "KazAgro" has commented the rating of corporate governance assigned by the Rating Agency of Regional Financial Center
26.06.2017 Asian Development Bank and "KazAgro" discussed cooperation issues
14.06.2017 Information from "KazAgro" Holding about application of funds from the republican budget
16.03.2017 "KazAgro" National holding on the session of the UN Commission on the status of women
24.02.2017 The Message of the President to people of Kazakhstan was discussed in "KazAgro" holding
02.02.2017 Explanation of cooperation to agrarians of Karaganda region
10.08.2016 Information of "KazAgro" Holding" JSC to the meeting of the Government of RK on august 10, 2016 "About preparation to harvesting"
22.07.2016 "KazAgro" National holding summed up the results of sowing campaign and carries out financing of harvesting campaign of 2016. Development of ccopoerative movement in agribusiness complex of Kazakhstan
21.07.2016 "KazAgro" National holding attracts direct foreign investments to agribusiness complex of Kazakhstan 
25.03.2016 Agribusiness of Holland is interested in agribusiness complex of Kazakhstan
15.03.2016 Information to the Forum of meat and meat-processing industry of Kazakhstan "KazMeat Astana 2016"
02.03.2016 KazAgro" National holding and agrarians of Karaganda region has discussed financing of sowing works and establishment of cooperatives
28.01.2016 "KazAgro" National holding and agrarians of the North-Kazakhstan region discussed financing of sowing season and establishment of cooperatives
27.01.2016 "KazAgro" National holding and agrarians of Pavlodar region discussed financing of sowing works and cooperatives establishment
21.01.2016 «KazAgro» National holding attracts banks to finance sowing works of 2016
15.12.2015 "KazAgro" holding activity to implement the tasks given in the Message of the resident to people of Kazakhstan

Issues of cooperation in agribusiness complex of Kazakhstan were discussed in Astana city                                  


"KazAgro" National holding stimulates 

05.10.2015 "KazAgro" National holding supported sowing and harvesting works for 92.8 billion tenge.
16.09.2015 Cooperation of "KazAgro" with Russian machine engineers for agricultural machines. Forum in Sochi city.
14.09.2015 60 Kazakhstan agrarian producers will participate on exhibition of interregional forum in Sochi
09.09.2015 Memorandum between "KazAgro" and "Astana" Social-Entrepreneurship Corporation to support agricultural enterprises.
28.08.2015 To expand availability of lensing "KazAgro" Holding in the beginning of 2015 a new scheme of farmers' financing was presented through the establishment of Grain producers Unions on the principles of cooperation and joint and several liability
25.06.2015 Support of small and medium-sized business by "KazAgro" Holding companies 
24.06.2015 Aidarbek Khojanazarov was elected as Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of "KazAgro" National management holding" JSC
23.06.2015 Investment activities of "KazAgro" in agribusiness complex of Kazakhstan
19.06.2015 Agreement for promotion of entrepreneurship in village.
29.05.2015 Malelov Nurlybek Tulebayevich was appointed a Chairman of Executive Board of "KazAgro" National management holding" JSC
28.01.2015 JSC "National Holding "KazAgro" made a repayment of the loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland - $100 mln. US Dollars
31.10.2014  "KazAgro" National holding implemented the program of financial recovery of agribusiness entities
29.10.2014 Final fair in Astana will be held by Akmola region
24.10.2014 Kyzylorda and North-Kazakhstan regions will bring the fair to Astana city
21.10.2014 27–29.10. 2014 in "Korme" EC "KazAgro/"KazFarm-2014"  International agricultural exhibition will be held
20.10.2014 "Kazagromarketing" JSC examined consumer preferences of Kazakhstan people for poultry meat
17.10.2014 Regions' fairs in Astana city
16.10.2014 Аgribusiness entities will receive investment subsidies in amount of about 2 billion tenge
03.10.2014 Projects of KazAgro on exhibitions in Astana
29.08.2014 More than 222 thousands of advisory services to farmers free of charge
27.08.2014 Food Contract Corporation has completed financing of the agrarians on the program of forward procurement of grain
26.08.2014 Seminar "KazAgro" with civil society organizations in the agricultural sector
22.08.2014 Monitoring of prices of basic foodstuffs for the period from 12 to 19 August 2014
19.08.2014 Project farm "Zhemіs", Aktobe region
18.08.2014 Elevating the issue is solved
15.08.2014 Financial support by villagers opens the way to secure future
14.08.2014 The results of financing seed and preparation for the harvest 2014 was told in "KazAgro"
08.08.2014 The monitoring of prices for staple foods
08.08.2014 Maximum benefit from the programs implemented today in agriculture in Kazakhstan
04.08.2014 Monitoring the execution of the Memorandum of beef exports
01.08.2014 Exhibition for livestock on Autskione cattle
01.08.2014 Food Contract Corporation has sent flour millers over 300 thousand tons of grain
01.08.2014 A new granary launched in Akmola region
31.07.2014 Kazagro and cooperation within the EAEC
30.07.2014 Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture OPEN lending programs dairy farm
29.07.2014 Amounts of funding national holding "KazAgro" AIC Kyzylorda region
28.07.2014 "KazAgro" funded 764 project agricultural MSE
25.07.2014 The monitoring of prices for staple foods
25.07.2014 As a program of financial recovery subjects AIC
24.07.2014 Kazakhstani Agrarians Will Obtain Harvesting Machinery on Attractive Terms
23.07.2014 The largest greenhouse Kazakhstan gathered the first harvest
22.07.2014 "KazAgro" launched a plant to produce milk and juice in Astana
21.07.2014 The Canadian delegation will visit the most successful auction of cattle breeding in Kazakhstan
16.07.2014 Kazakhstan complex turkey meat production increases the production
14.07.2014 Women's entrepreneurship discussed in Petropavlovsk
10.07.2014 Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture starts microcredit program development monocities
08.07.2014 Cattle breeding in the amount of 122 million tenge was sold during the auction
05.07.2014 Investment in agribusiness Kazagro of North Kazakhstan region
01.07.2014 "KazAgro" announces the beginning of the development program funding
30.06.2014 "KazAgro" help farmers settling in abandoned farmland
27.06.2014 HOW TO CHANGE PRICES ON FOOD from 17 to 24 June 2014? 
25.06.2014 New Feed Mill Will Be Launched in Akmola Region
24.06.2014 State farmers cheaper loans!
23.06.2014 Results of the Agro-Industrial Investment Forum of Kazakhstan
17.06.2014 How did food prices in the period from 10 to 17 June 2014?
17.06.2014 Opened the first Agriculture Capitalizing forum of Kazakhstan
16.06.2014 Investments for Agricultural Sector of Kazakhstan
13.06.2014 "KAF" leads seed funding in Kazakhstan
13.06.2014 Under the program, forward purchase of grain farmers Food contract Corporation sent over 11 billion tenge
11.06.2014 Agricultural Investment Forum in Kazakhstan
10.06.2014 The first Agribusiness Investment Forum will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan 
09.06.2014 The industry of breeding cattle is becoming in the country 
04.06.2014 Food Corporation sent to the regions more than 150 thousand tons of cheapening grain
28.05.2014 More about 50 agro-Republic will be guaranteedfinancial recovery under program "Agribusiness 2020"
27.05.2014 The current situation of budget loan development in 40 bln allocated for spring field work in 2014
23.05.2014 China plans to purchase 100 tonnes of Kazakh wheat 
19.05.2014 EUR 600mn Eurobond Offering
15.05.2014 Sowing began in the main grain regions of Kazakhstan 
14.05.2014 Approved demands for spring and field works of agricultural producers on total area over 1 mln.ha
13.05.2014 "KazAgroFinance" announces the launch of the program Financial recovery
11.05.2014 Fitch Affirms KazAgro at 'BBB'; off RWN; Outlook Stable
29.04.2014 KAF is increasing supplies of equipment for planting  
16.04.2014 Farmers in Atyrauskaya Oblast Leased 6 Belarus Tractors Manufactured at Car Assembly Plant in Semei 
14.04.2014 The hot line on questions works financing of spring and field works in the country
10.04.2014 Financing of Kazagro of agrarian and industrial complex of the East Kazakhstan region
09.04.2014 On 1365 pieces of equipment to a sowing campaign arrived demands from farmers in JSC Kazagrofinance
07.04.2014 "Kazagro" will direct on spring and field works of 61,6 billion tenge
04.04.2014 The Kazagro national holding will support processors
28.03.2014 Financing of Kazagro of agrarian and industrial complex of the Karaganda region 
27.03.2014 Business trip of the Prime minister of RK Serik Akhmetov in Kyzylordinsky area
19.03.2014 Export of the Kazakhstan recycled wool to Italy
17.03.2014 Investment plans of the Kazakhstan and Hungarian agrobusiness
14.03.2014 Financing of spring and field works began according to the Eginzhay program 
12.03.2014 New hothouse complexes are entered in Kazakhstan
18.02.2014 Measures for realization of orders of the Head of state given in the Message to the people of Kazakhstan.  Results of activity of Kazagro National holding for 2013
17.02.2014 Kazagro holding: policy of loyalty to borrowers in the conditions of tenge devaluation 
05.02.2014 In 2013 of "Kazagro" directed about 194 billion tenge on agrarian and industrial complex support 
23.01.2014 The Kazakhstan agroexporters at a business forum in Moscow
22.01.2014 In "Kazagro" discussed the Message of the President
22.01.2014 The Kazakhstan agroenterprises export production to Moscow

The Kazakhstan agroenterprises enter the Moscow market


Export to China of the Kazakhstan grain




Food Contract Corporation's meeting and republican mass media


In Kazakhstan from weather suffered 120 thousand hectares of crops

24.10.2013 For the purpose of stimulation of development of female business the Fund begins implementation of the project on training of rural inhabitants in business bases
22.10.2013 Export of the Kazakhstan meat to Moscow
21.10.2013 About granaries. Food Contract corporation and mass media
02.10.2013 The Kazakhstan producer is ready to deliver premium class meat for the Kremlin