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"Komsomolskaya poultry plant" JSC


Project name Modernization of operating poultry plant of meat direction.

Project location – Guryanovka village, Karabalyk district, Kostanay region

Project essence – Modernization of production oriented at production of broiler meat with capacity 12 thousand tons annually.

Reconstruction of buildings and facilities is required (purchasing of equipment for feed plant, slaughter point, industrial workshop for broiler breeding)

Project cost – KZT 31,82 million (USD 17,2 million)

Investments required – KZT 31,82 million (USD 17,2 million)

Production capacity – planning capacity 12 thousand tons of meat annually.

Payback period – 108 months

Project initiator - "Komsomolskaya poultry plant" JSC

Availability of material and technical base - 19 poultry-houses including 7 of them are ready for 100%, the rest – for 90%, sanitary inspection station,  parent stock, incubator, rearing birds, feed house, slaughtering point, fridge, cooling cameras for shock freezing, line of slaughter point waste utilization, agricultural lands.

Current condition – enterprise functions partially.

Problems of project implementation – working assets are required for further development of enterprise.