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"Semey poultry plant" Ltd., "Ertis" SEC" NC" JSC


Project name – Reconstruction of poultry plant for production of commercial eggs.

Project location – East-Kazakhstan region, Semey city, Malaya Aktyuba settlement

Project essence – Reconstruction of poultry plant, equipping with new equipment for production of commercial eggs.

Project cost – KZT 571,6 million (USD 3,09 million)

Investments required – KZT 210,9 million (USD 1,14 million)

Production capacity - 25 million eggs annually.

Readiness to share the project – till 100% in year.

Availability of material and technical base:

Operating poultry plant with the following equipment:

1) 3 sets of equipment for laying hens keeping (capacity of one set is 27720 places)

2) 1 set of equipment for growing of rearing birds (29  232 places)

3) land under buildings (production site) with total area 2,711 ha

4) residential building with lot 0,1914 ha

5) feed building

6) equipment for feed building with capacity 5 tons in hour

7) 6 buildings for laying hens keeping

8) 2 transformer substations, 2 high-tension power lines

9) trailer 2 PTS 6, Belarus tractor 82.1, Gaselle vehicle, Kamaz-53215 ЗСК-20

10) sanitary inspection station with disinfectant barrier.

Project initiator – "Semey poultry plant" Ltd., "Ertis" SEC" NC" JSC

Current condition on the project – enterprise produces commercial eggs from June 2013.

Problems of project implementation – Absence of own working capital that does not allow pays for feed supply in time, in this regard, there is loan payable about 7 million tenge (USD 38 000)