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Paramonovskoye peasant farm


Project name - Increase of irrigated areas till 6000 ha at Paramovskoye irrigated massive

Project location – Pavlodar region, Aksu city, Paramonovka village.

Project essence - Increase of irrigated areas from 1450 ha till 6000 ha at Paramovskoye irrigated massive.

Project cost – KZT 2220 million (USD 12  million)

Investments required - KZT 1850 million (USD 10  million)

Payback period – 72 months

Project initiator - Paramonovskoye peasant farm

Material and technical basis availability:

Potato store with area 675,8 m2, two material stores with area 262,1 and 271,1 m2, metal store with area 1035,5 m2, technical fleet in number of 60 units of machines (tractors, combines, potato planters, rain makers, sprinklers, throwers, ploughs, seeders and others)

Current condition on the project: enterprise is operating, works from 2009. Kinds of produced products: potatoes, vegetables, oil crops (rape, soya, lupine), medic, grains.

Production capacity: at increase of irrigated area till 6000 ha, output of products will amount to: potato  – 15 000 tons; rape – 4 500 tons; lupine – 4 500 tons; soya – 3000 tons; barley – 3 500 tons; medic – 2 000 tons.

Additional information:

Paramonovskoye irrigated massive was calculated for irrigation of 3500 ha of area. It includes own channel with length of 15 km, 5 pump stations, irrigation and drainage system with length of 11 km and 45 rain makers of Fregat type. All of these are fed from Channel named after Satpayev and was built in Soviet time. Paramonovskoye peasant farm was established on the basis of purchased Paramonovskoye massive. At moment of purchasing this complex was in unsatisfied condition. Previously on this irrigated massive about 150 ha were cultivated and irrigated, supplying lines were frozen and did not work due to leaks. Rain makers of Fregat type were dismantled. Pump stations need repair. For 5 years there were restored and brought to operation 1 450 ha of irrigation. 

Proposed terms of cooperation: share participation till 51%.