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Sholpankulov Berik Sholpankulovich

Sholpankulov Berik Sholpankulovich was appointed Vice Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 870 dated December 28, 2016.

He was born in 1976 in Akshi settlement, Kurtinsk district. Alamaty region.

B.Sholpankulov graduated in 1996 from Kazakh State Agrarian University with a degree in "Accounting, Control and Administration Activity".

B.Sholpankulov began his career in 1996 as a treasurer of Cash Management Division, Cash and Public Debt Department, Treasury Committee of the Ministry of Finance, chief treasurer, and head of department of the same committee.

2001-2004, Head of Cash and Public Obligations Accounting Department, Ministry of Finance; 2004-2008, Deputy Chairman of the Treasury Committee, Ministry of Finance; 2008-2014, Vice Minister of Finance; 2014-2016, Deputy Minister of Defense on economics and finance.

Since November to December, 2016 the chairman of Committee on Financial Monitoring of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

By the decision of the Sole shareholder of "KazAgro" National management holding" JSC in the person of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 24 April 2019 №174  he was elected as a member of the Board of directors of "KazAgro" National management holding" JSC.

Since December, 2016 - Vice- Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Married, has two sons and daughter.

Awards: diplomas of the Ministry of Finance, "10 years of Astana" jubilee medal, "20 years of Kazakhstan Republic Independence" jubilee medal; "Yeren Yenbegi Ushin" medal; badge for excellence in financial service, medal "For the contribution to creation of the Eurasian Economic Union", II degree, Jubilee Medal "25 years of Kazakhstan Republic Independence".