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Project name: EcoProduct Greenhouse Complex LLP


I.                   Project overview:

1.      Project cost


2.   Project location

3.   Project documentation (project, operating, DED, feasibility study, work program)

yes/no, readiness condition

KZT 2 197 468 358,40


3 Seifullina Str., Novorybinka village, Akkol region, Akmola oblast

All documents, including original title documents are available


II.                Project description

4.    Project description

Creation of a greenhouse complex for 4.4 ha in Akmola oblast

5.    Final product (quantity per year, tons, etc.)

2200 tons of products per year

(products: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce)

6.    Raw material resources (subsoil resources)

Akmola oblast

7.    Sales area (the Customs Union, People's Republic of China, etc.)

Republic of Kazakhstan


8.    Project duration (road map)

2013-2016  (rendering the external infrastructure according to the  "Business Road Map - 2020" program - 2015)

9.    Estimated year for construction start

May 2014

10.               Estimated year for object commissioning  

November -December 2016

11.              Land plots availability

land plot with an area of 10.0 ha, purpose - for construction of the greenhouse complex

12.              Transport infrastructure (railroads, motorroads)

railroads, motorroads

13.              Communication opportunities (electricity, water, canalization, etc.)

City central water supply and canalization have been made, artesian wells have been drilled (depth 132 m);

Laying on electricity according to the  "Business Road Map - 2020" - 2016

14.              Premises (specify area, parameters)

Greenhouse complex with a total service area of 4.24 ha.

Boilerhouse- 385 sq.m., checkpoint building

15. Possibilities for the formation of minimum authorized capital (30% of the total project cost) by Kazakhstan companies in order to attract funding

As of today's date the project is recognized as troubled, the Borrower is outside the country, the company has defaulted on its obligations. It is necessary to consider the opportunity of full acquisition of the business with appointment of new management.

16.  Availability of necessary budgetary funds or the need for budgetary funding

As the object is not commissioned, there is a need for additional financing for construction and installation works and replenishment of fixed assets, also funds for purchase are required. There is no need for financing from the RB.

Rendering the external infrastructure according to the  "Business Road Map - 2020" is possible

17. Total number of new jobs


18.Total number of new jobs during construction

Total number of jobs during construction is 23

19. Manpower quota


20. Investment preferences

Project infrastructure according to the "Road Map 2020" program

21. Other measures of state support


22. Current status of project

In 2014 the following works were carried out: vertical land levelling, foundation work with posts installation, foundation for storage container, for gas tanks, installation of storage container, construction and erection works on heat and power points, boiler foundations, installation of boilers, steel constructions, greenhouses base, area fencing, checkpoint building, works on laying water-service pipes and effluent disposal lines, Artesian water well drilling.

But there is no possibility to continue works due to the lack of information from  EcoProduct Greenhouse Complex LLP on completion of the construction.

23. Project implementation period. Action plan (further action plan for the project:

a) approval of feasibility study

b) construction start

c) construction completion

d) Commissioning operations

e) commissioning

f) release and sale of first products)

b) continuation of the construction - March 2016

c) completion of the construction - September 2016

d) Commissioning operations - September-October 2016

e) commissioning - November-December 2016

f) production and sale of first products - 2017

24. Social and economic effect of project implementation

Providing the population of Kazakhstan with cheap products. Export of goods is possible.


III.             Project participants:


From the Republic of Kazakhstan

25. Company name

EcoProduct Greenhouse Complex LLP

26. Form of participation in the project (JV share in capital, loan (credit), EPC (contractor))

Sole founder Kulziya Karymsakovna Gabdullina - 100%

27.Brief description of the company

EcoProduct Greenhouse Complex LLP was created in March 2012 for the project implementation - is a starting business.

Location: 3 Seifullina Str., Novorybinka village, Akkol region, Akmola oblast

28. Сontact details of the Сhief executive officer

Berik Makhmetov 8 7172 90 42 52, bmakhmetov@mail.ru

29. Contact details of a person responsible for the project

From KazAgroFinance JSC Senior Manager of Corporate Business Division No.3 - Gaukhar Amandykovna Shablenova tel. 8 717 2 580 452 (ext. 1202)


IV.              Proposals for project implementation

30. Financial structure (equity investments and borrowed resources)

31. Flow chart (equipment delivery conditions, technology transfer, etc.)

32. Other proposals  (if available)

34. Need for additional investments

Investments in capital of at least 30% with possibility to redeem 100% share in the company's authorized capital

Delivery of the greenhouse complex with installation on a turn-key basis

Possibility to redeem 100% share in the company's authorized capital

Additional financing for construction and installation works and replenishment of fixed assets (approximately KZT 500 mln) is needed