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Tokhtarov Olzhas Tanirbergenovich

Chairman of the Board of directors of "Bank of Astana" JSC

Was born on July 24, 1980 in East-Kazakhstan region, Semipalatinsk city


In 2001 he graduated Kazakh State Judicial Academy with specialization in "Jurisprudence"
In 2004 he graduated Kazakh University of economics, finance and international trade with specialization in "Finance and credit"

Working career
2004 - 2005 – chief lawyer of "Investment fund of Kazakhstan" JSC
From 2005 to June 2006 – Managing director of "Central-Asian heat and power company" JSC
From June 2006 to May 2007– first deputy chairman of executive board of "NPF named after Kunayev" JSC,
From May 2007  –President of "United Capital" Ltd.
From November 2007 - 2014 – advisor of chairman of executive board, member of board of directors of "SAT&Company" Ltd.
From November 2008 – elected as chairman of executive board of "SAT&Company" Ltd.
In 2013 was elected as member of Board of directors of "Bank "Astana-Finance" JSC.
In 2014 was elected as chairman of Board of directors of "Bank "Astana-Finance" JSC ("Bank of Astana" JSC)