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"Expert agrarian company" Ltd.


Project name – "Expert agrarian company" Ltd.

Project location – Astana city (north-west lot).

Project essence - Construction of wholesale trade-logistics center in Astana city for year-round supply of population of capital, north and central regions of the country with food products at stable low prices in amount of 20-30% of total number of consumed food.

Project cost – KZT 10 286 million (USD 55,6 million)

Investments required – KZT 10 286 million (USD 55,6 million)

Production capacity  - one-time capacity of storage - 7 900 tons, annual turnover till 100 000 tons of fruit and vegetable crops and meat and fish products.

Payback period – 8 years. 

Project initiator - "Expert agrarian company" Ltd.

Project type: start-up.

Readiness to share the project - till 100 %

Current condition on the project – project is stopped, due to assets absence for its implementation.