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Dear clients and partners!
Welcome to the Security Department page of "Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC. It is department responsible for carrying out the anti-corruption enforcementactivities in the Corporation.
Work on corruption control is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Combating Corruption" and anti-corruption policy of the Corporation.
In order to coordinate the activities of the Corporation on the development and implementation of timely and adequate measures for prevention and suppression of the facts of corruption offenses, as well as the elimination of the causes and conditions that contribute to the corruption. Commission on prevention and combating corruption, advisory and consultative collegiate body operates in Corporation. The Commission considers reports on theanti-corruption workin the Corporation in a quarterly basis.
In Corporation operates hotline - 8 (7172) 55-99-96. Appeals are accepted by staff of the security department.
The main tasks of the Security Department are:
1. Identification and prevention of corruption in the Corporation.
2. Control over compliance with Anti-corruption legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Anti-Corruption policy of the Corporation.
3. Formation of an anti-corruption culture among the employees of the Corporation.
4. Carry out official checks on the facts of corruption and other offenses.
Anyone can apply to the security department:8(7172)55-99-12, hotline 8(7172)55-99-96, or write on web-site in case of revealing the facts of corruption, or corrupt practices from the part of the Corporation's employees.
You need to fill out a form Authorized appeal in order to write messages on the web-site.
You need to fill out a form Anonymous appeal in order to direct messages without your personal data.
Security Department reserves the right to adopt / rejection of anonymous appeals for the consideration in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the order of consideration of appeals of physical and legal entities."
Антикоррупционная политика АО "Аграрная кредитная корпорация"
Yours faithfully, Security Department


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