In Northern Kazakhstan work on the execution of livestock programs are continued

According to the statistics department of North Kazakhstan region, the number of population in January-October of 2016 was 346 thousand  cattle, or 105.1%, sheep and goats are 371.1 thousand, or 101.6%, 108.7 thousand horses, or 102.1%, 178.4 thousand pigs, or 99.1%, and 4.6 million poultry, or 101.4%.


According to "Kazakh-Grain" IA in the regional department of agriculture, work on implementation of the livestock program are continued in the region.

In the region 20 614 heads were bought: including the program "Sybaga" - 1759 cattle, or 88.0% (2000); Kulan" - 1631 horses, or 163.1% (1000 head); "Altyn-Asyk" –3786 small cattle, or 108.2% (3500).

By "Yrys" program for creation of dairy farms were financed 3 projects on the purchase of 250 cattle.

In order to fulfill the task on export of meat has been given 323,3 tones, or 14.2% (task - 2272.2 tones) since the beginning of the year.

Operates 14 modern dairy complexes. In addition, creation of 4 modern dairy complexes on 2 thousand heads were planned.

"Mambetov and K" CU of Mamlyut district plans to deliver 600 breeding stock. The stock selection for the purchase of breeding farms in Ukraine has been made.

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