Biography of the Chairman of the Board

Takabayev Berik Tulyupergenovich

The acting Chairman of the Board
Born on July 2, 1971, Kostanay region, Uritsky village
Nationality – Kazakh
Higher Education
Graduation year and school name – 1997, Kostanay Agricultural Institute
Qualification on specialty - Economics and management in the agro-industrial sector
Knowledge of foreign languages and languages of the peoples of the Commonwealth of Independent
States - Kazakh,Russian,English
Professional experience:
04.2010 - 09.2012 Bank Kassa Nova / Managing Director
09.2012 - 12.2014 «Forte Bank» JSC / Deputy Chairman of the Board
09.2015 - 11.2018 «ExpAgro» LLP / Director
11.2018 - 06.2019 "Agrarian Credit Corporation"; JSC / Lending Managing Director
06.2019 to the present day - The acting Chairman of the Board of JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation"