The program "Birlik"


Characteristics of terms of credit

Terms of credit

Target group

Credit Unions (CU)

Aim of the program

Lending to CU for further financing of the members of  CU for:

-     fixed asset acquisition (including modernization of production and); construction and installation works (hereinafter – CIW, including construction of new facilities, reconstruction of existing buildings) and working capital financing;

-  purchase of bio-assets;

-     fixed asset acquisition and replenishment of working capital for projects in the field of organization of tourism, hotel business and roadside service; production of light and food industries; breeding, cultivation and processing of fish products; provision of public services; organization and expansion of rural retail outlets; foodservice outlets.

-     consolidation of loans issued earlier by CU.

Currency of the loan:


Loan amount

From 1 000 000 tenge up to 25% of the equity capital of the Corporation

(for Non-agricultural types of entrepreneurship (NATE) - no more than 50% of the main credit line of CU)


Loan / credit line term

Up to 180 months (for NATE - up to 84 months, but no later than 1 December 2022)

Interest rate for finances from Republican budget

up to 4% per annum (AERR from the Republican budget - from 4% per annum) *

Ставка кредитования из других средств

up to 9.5% per annum (AERR - from 9.5% per annum) *

Льготный период по погашению основного долга

-     working capital financing, excluding SFW and sowing perennial grasses - no more than 12 months from the moment of receiving the tranche;

-     working capital financing for SFW - no more than 18 months from the moment of receiving the tranche;

-     working capital financing for sowing perennial grasses - up to 24 months;

-     fixed asset acquisition and construction and installation work - no more than 24 months.


In accordance with the Collateral policy


* It is possible to reduce the interest rate and increase the liquidity ratio for collateral security in the form of real estate in accordance with the Regulations and requirements for the programs of "Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC.



Methods of rating credit partnership



Letter from the Kazakhstan Association of Appraisers 


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