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* for final borrowers – AERR from 6% per annum

Apply to the partners of the "Agrarian Credit Corporation" - credit unions and microfinance organizations, for obtaining a loan on

"Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021"!



• production and processing of agricultural commodities

• agricultural cooperatives for the organization of procurement services for meat, dairy and fruit and vegetable products

• for the development of non-agricultural business in rural areas


Terms of the program (The "Isker" program)

Characteristics of terms of credit

Terms of credit

Target group


Aim of the program

Financing CU/ Micro Financial organizations for further crediting of final borrowers of CU/ Micro Financial organizations:

- Production and processing of agricultural products;

-    lending to agricultural cooperatives aimed at organizing service and procurement services on meat, dairy and fruit and vegetable products;

-    Non-agricultural business in rural areas.


Currency of the loan:


Loan amount

-    500 000 tenge up to 25% of the equity capital of the Corporation, But no more than the amount of the risk limit for MFOs / CTs established by the decision of the Corporation's authorized body (for final borrowers - up to 8,000 (eight thousand) MCI, set for the current year)

Loan / credit line term

-    up to 60 months, but not exceeding the period specified in the agreement / contract of crediting

-    for livestock projects and for lending to agricultural cooperatives up to 84 months, but not exceeding the period specified in the agreement / contract of crediting.


Interest rate

2% per annum (for final borrowers - AERR not more than 6% per annum)

Repayment grace period  of PD and fee:

-    Up to 1/3 of the crediting period, but not exceeding the period specified in the agreement / contract of crediting with the MFO


1.               In accordance with the Collateral policy;

2.    Under the guarantee of the RIC, while the restrictions established by the Security Policy are not applied to this program;

3.    Collateral from CU is not required for that part of the financing, where the guarantee for the projects of the final borrowers of CU is the guarantee of "KazAgroGarant" JSC;

4.    Requirements for MFOs, financed without collateral:

-       availability of the "High Reliable" or "Reliable" rating according to the Methodology for determining the MFI rating;

-       own capital must be at least 50,000,000 tenge;

-       the ratio of provisions for the loan portfolio with overdue more than 90 days should be at least 0.8;

-       the coefficient of the maximum limit of total liabilities k3, taking into account the newly requested financing, should not exceed 5;

-       carrying out the main activity for at least 2 (two) years preceding the application process (it is allowed to finance MFIs that have a core activity of at least one (1) year before the application is filed, provided that the Corporation conducts an audit of MFI business processes);

-       availability of audited financial statements for the previous reporting year, compiled by audit organizations;

-       availability of guarantee of founders, except for state / non-profit organizations.


Download the list of representative offices of "KazAgroGarant" JSC in the regions

Download the guidebook "Bastau business"

Addresses of the branches of the Agrarian Credit Corporation

PRESENTATION "What is a credit partnership and how to become a member?"

Download the list of credit partnerships - participants of the "Program of productive employment"


Contacts of Partners - Microfinance Organizations


MFO name


Contacts (telephone numbers, e-mail)


"MFO" Batys-Finance" LLP

West-Kazakhstan region, Terekti district, Fedorovka village,

Ubileinaya St., 20

8 (7113) 22-33-07,


"MFO" RIC "Kyzylorda" LLP

Kyzylorda, Aiteke bi, 28 (building of NCE Atameken)

8 (7242) 27-01-63

8 (705) 888 3841


"MFO" Yrys " LLP

South-Kazakhstan region, Shymkent city, Al Farabi district, Baidibek bi avenue, 27 "A".

8 (7252) 42 63 73

77 13 61, 77 13 71, 64 73 13