Financing program for regulated banks provides on the following loan conditions:


Characteristics of credit terms

Credit terms

Aim of the Program

Loan for the regulated banks

Target group

Regulated banks

Designated purpose

Financing of regulated banks for on-lending of agribusiness entities



Loan amount

to 25% of the net equity of the Corporation, but not more than the amount of risk limits for the Bank, established by the decision of the Authorized Agency of the Corporation

Loan type

 non revolving / revolving line of credit

Loan due date

Up to 96 months

Loan / tranche period

Up to 96 months

Interest rate of

10 % annual interest (annual effective rate of return  –10% annual interest)

Payment pattern of principal debt

quarterly, semi-annually, annually;

with possibility of partial/full advanced repayment

Payment pattern of reward

quarterly, semi-annually

Gestation period of payment of principal debt

Up to 24 months


Without charge

Basic requirements for the Regulated Banks

a rating from international rating agencies not lower «B-» Scale Standard & Poor`s and / or Fitch Ratings and / or B3 and below on a scale of Moody