Financing non-agricultural business activities in rural areas

Characteristics of credit terms

Credit terms

Aim of the Program

Development of rural infrastructure, including in the sphere of tourism, hotel business and roadside service; production of light and food industries; breeding, cultivation and processing of fish products; providing services to the public; organization and expansion of rural retail outlets; food items

Target group

Legal entities and persons (PA, FE, IE), LP

Designated purpose

-  fixed asset acquisition, including those for  modernization of the object;

- construction and installation work, including reconstruction;

- working capital financing.



Loan amount

From 1 000 000 tenge to 25% of the net equity of the Corporation;

Loan type

credit/ credit line

Loan due date

Up to 120 months

Loan / tranche period

- for fixed asset acquisition, construction and installation work – up to 120 months;;

- working capital financing – up to 24 months.

Interest rate

14% annual interest (annual effective rate of return  –14% annual interest)

Payment pattern of principal debt

every month, quarterly, semi-annually, annually;

by the decision of Credit committee possible to create personalized amortization schedule due to activity type and business-plan with possibility of partial/full advanced repayment

Payment pattern of reward

monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, once a year; by the decision of the Credit Committee may establish an individual repayment schedule, depending on the direction and business plan

Gestation period of payment of principal debt and reward

Up to 24 months


According to charge policy

Basic requirements for the borrower

-    the presence of existing business;

-    absence of overdue payables on taxes and other

compulsory payments to the budget;

-    absence of overdue debt to the regulated banks, other financial institutions;

-    the absence of negative credit history;

-    the absence of procedures for liquidation, bankruptcy;

-    the solvency and financial stability.

Basic requirements for the project

- Return on the project over the period of funding;

- Financing of at least 15% of the total project;

- Availability of markets for goods (services);

- The availability of liquid collateral.


1. Feasibility NAB


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