Development of available crediting system for agro-industrial complex to promote industrialization and diversification of the agricultural sector.  

Vision Statement of the Corporation
Corporation in 2020 will be a key financial institution in the lending market of agricultural sector in the frame of the state support for domestic agricultural commodity producers, providing funding of second-tier banks and other financial institutions lending agribusiness, development of a network of credit partnerships, financing projects in priority areas and development of agricultural infrastructure.
Corporation has made a significant contribution to the industrialization and diversification of agricultural production, growth of productivity of agricultural sector through the provision of financial resources affordable to ACP. The activities of the Corporation in 2020 meet a high standard of administrative management and corporate governance.
Strategic directions, goals and tasks of the Corporation:
Strategic Direction 1. Stimulation of growth of labor productivity in agro-industrial complex through industrialization and diversification.
Goal 1. Growth in labor productivity by means of crediting high-tech (innovative) projects with modern agro-technologies.
1) Formation of the investment policy of the Corporation in accordance with the  priorities in agribusiness;
2) Raise finance for agribusiness entities, investment, including innovative projects;
3) Promotion of agribusiness cluster development;
4) Promotion of "green technologies".
Strategic direction 2. Participation in ensuring food security of the country.
Goal 1. Promote the formation of a food belt around Astana and Almaty cities.
1) Financing agribusiness entities within the food belt around Astana and Almaty cities;
Goal 2: Timely provide agribusiness entities with financial resource for the purchase of basic capital and working capital financing for production, purchase and processing of agricultural raw materials.
1) Financing agribusiness entities for spring field and harvesting, purchase and sale of agricultural products;
2) Financing enterprises for processing agricultural and food production:
- For the purchase of high-tech (innovative) equipment;
- For working capital financing.
Strategic direction 3. Promote the development and implementation of agribusiness export potential.
Goal 1. Development of agribusiness export potential.
1) Monitoring of the export-oriented investment projects on production of meat and meat products financed by the Corporation.
2) Expansion of infrastructure for storage and export of grain.
3) Stimulate agribusiness by financing cattle breeding, including distant-pasture breeding.
Strategic direction 4. Increase the availability of support services to agribusiness entities.
Goal 1. Financial recovery of agribusiness entities.
1) Participation in the process of financial recovery of agribusiness.
Goal 2. Development of available financial, industrial and service infrastructure.
1) Providing agribusiness entities with financial resources, including CU, Unions, non-agricultural business.
2) Increase availability of credit resources for agribusiness entities by funding second-tier banks and other financial institutions lending to agricultural commodity producers.
Strategic direction 5. Improve corporate governance and transparency of the Corporation's activities.
Goal 1: Increase the efficiency of the asset management of the Corporation.
1) Improving the efficiency of the use of equity capital and assets;
2) Improving the monitoring system of funded projects;
3) Quality control of the loan portfolio;
4) Enhancement of the role of risk management in the Corporation's activities;
5) Management of debt obligations of the Corporation through the establishment and monitoring of the leverage ratios;
6) Introduction and development of innovations in the Corporation;
7) Maintaining the Corporation's credit ratings.
Goal 2: Increase efficiency of corporate governance system.
1) Optimization of the organizational structure of the Corporation in accordance with the new priorities of the Holding;
2) Obtaining a corporate governance rating by 2015;
3) Optimization of business processes to provide agribusiness services;
4) Development of human potential and formation of a competitive remuneration system in the Corporation.
Goal 3. Ensuring transparency of the Corporation's activities.
1) Development and promotion of a single brand of the Holding and its subsidiary corporations;
2) The inclusion in the governing bodies of the Corporation representatives of public organizations and foreign experts;
3) Strengthening of information and image of the Holding Company and its subsidiary joint stock companies in the media.