Consumer  questionnaire

Dear customers of  "Agrarian Credit Corporation" JSC!

Your opinion is very important to us! We offer you to participate in the research of  the quality level of service in our corporation. The main goal of the research - to obtain information about the quality of services at first hand. After all, You know better than others, how efficiently and professionally corporate employees consult, how clearly and on timely basis activities at your request performed, how politely and debonairly You are related in our Corporation. We are ready to change and become better, so the opinion of each customer is very important to us. All of your answers will be processed and used to improve the quality of service.

Please select the most suitable answer to the question and mark it off. We highly appreciate your opinion on every issue.

The scanned version of the questionnaire send to the address of Abzhamal Manshuk - Abzhamal.M(a)


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 "ACC" JSC Quality Policy


Corporate Management taking a strategic decision for the benefit of those interested in the development of the Holding Company, hereby declares its acceptance of the following commitments:

- To follow the requirements of the strategic and program documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws, contracts, the international standard ISO 9001, the principles and best practices of corporate governance;

- Continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system.

In order to improve the quality of its operations the Corporation announces commitment to the following principles:

- Effectively fulfill the requirements of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on implementation of the state policy to stimulate the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Effectively manage investment assets and develop a corporate culture of subsidiary corporations;

- Understand current and future needs of civil society and strive to exceed their expectations;

- To create and maintain the internal environment, where people need to be fully involved in achieving the strategic objectives of the Holding Company;

- Treat every employee as the basis of the Holding and its main asset, which requires prudent attitude and continuous investment;

- To develop a corporate culture that focuses on personal responsibility and motivation to achieve results;

- Control the activities of the Holding Company as a system of interacting processes;

- Strive for continuous improvement of the Holding Company by improving the process of structural units and training of employees.


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