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Characteristics of terms of credit

Terms of credit

Target group

Legal entities (including agricultural consumer cooperatives (hereinafter – ACC)) and individuals (Peasant Agriculture, Farming Enterprise, Individual Entrepreneur), CU, , Microfinance organization, Regional Investment Center, Second Tier Banks


Aim of the program

-  lending to Agro-industrial complex for financing of working capital, spring field works and harvesting, and also for further lending to agricultural commodity producers by means of purchase of  crop output;;

-  lending to CU, microfinance organization, regional test center, Second-tier banks for further financing of Agro-industrial complex and ACC (for spring field works and harvesting);

-  replacement of own / raised funds used to finance agro-industrial complex entities for spring field and harvesting operations, including CU, MFIO RIC and STB.

Currency of the loan:


Loan amount

rom 1 000 000 tenge up to 25% of the equity capital of the Corporation

(for STB - no more than the amount of risk limit on STB, established by the decision of the authorized body of the Corporation)


Loan term

- for direct borrowers and STB - before 1 December of the corresponding year of financing;

-  for MFO, RIC – until 20 November of the corresponding year of funding

- for CU:

  • from the funds of the Republican Budget – until 20 November of the corresponding year of financing;
  • from other funds - from 20 November of the corresponding year of financing until 30 April of the year following the year of financing.

Interest rate

- for direct borrowers - 2% per annum (AERR - 2% per annum);

- for STB - 1% per annum (AERR - 1% per annum) (for loans to final borrowers of STB - margin not more than 4%);

- for MFOs, CUs, RICs - 2% per annum (AERR - 2% per annum) (for lending to final borrowers, CU, MFOs and RICs - no more than 4%).


- In the case of the financing of direct borrowers - the guarantee of STB;

- In the case of financing a CU, the property is accepted as security. It should meet the requirements of the Corporation's Collateral Policy;

- In the case of the financing of MFOs, the guarantee of the RIC is accepted as collateral;

- No collateral is required in the case of  financing of the RIC and STB.





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