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To date, the National Company Food Contract Corporation Joint-Stock Company (Corporation) as the assignee of the State Food Contract Corporation continues to carry out the tasks on the grain market mandated by the state:

1. Agent on management of state reserves of grain:

  • Formation of state reserves of grain;
  • Refreshing the state reserves of food grain;
  • Storage of state reserves of grain;
  • Transportation of the state reserves of food grain;
  • Sales of the state grain reserves. 



2.  Managing Company United Grain Holding (UGH):

  • Priority access of the grain producers - members of the UGH, to the programs of the Corporation on financing spring sowing and harvesting works;
  • Purchase of grain from the grain producers - members of the UGH, in the autumn season;
  • Sales of grain of the UGH on the open market, including on the domestic market and for export;


3.  Development of the domestic grain market:

  • Supporting local grain producers by means of forward purchase of grain (spring and summer financing of grain production);
  • Development of the tools of exchange trading of grain on the domestic market;
  • Participation in the development of the export of the Kazakhstani grain.


Information about grain handling 25.09.2017

The representative of the cargo owner (code)

Agreed on grain handling, including

Quantity of grain

Free volumes at the grain terminal for the current date (tons)

The terminal

On the way to the terminal

Ships with elevators









«Caspian  Cargo Services ITA» LLP 1 257 81 635 304 20 443 302 19 806 651 41 386 0

«Caspian Logistic Solutions


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1 495 97 113 320 21 466 305 19 994 870 55 653 0


Blog of chairman of the Board

Chairman of  Board  of  the «NC «Food Contract Corporation» JSC

Zhulamanov Bakitzhan 



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