Activity of JSC "Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture" in 2015

(on 1.01.2016)


Basic indexes 2015 2014  2013 
loan portfolio (mln. tg) 69 204 57 133  38 118 
active borrowers (people) 28 941  24 537 19 395
loans (amount) 8 354 13 428 11 594
amound of the issued funds (mln. tg) 27 335 38 590 29 678
provided by employment (people) 13 505  14 216 9 570

Lending program

Microcredit target audience "Employment Program - 2020"

Fund granted 5 223 loans totaling $ 11.9 billion tenge. Provide employment 11 505 people (for reference: in 2014 it was planned funding totaling $ 17.3 billion. Tenge of borrowed and repaid funds on "Employment Program - 2020").

Lending to micro-credit organizations (MCOs) for further microcredit rural population and agricultural

For further microcredit rural population and agricultural ICE issued 13 loans totaling 1.9 billion tenge. 

Lending program "Egіnzhay" (crediting spring sowing and harvesting)

Granted 428 loans valued at $ 1.6 billion tenge, for all issued funds to provide employment 1158 people planted 283.1 thousand hectares of cultivated areas.

Lending program "Murabaha" (on Islamic principles of financing)

Granted 265 loans valued at $ 1 040 million tenge, for funds granted under this program will provide employment to 347 people.

Lending Development Programme monocities

In 2014-2015 granted 514 loans for a total of 1.4 billion tenge on the outstanding funds to provide employment of 730 people.

Lending tprogram "Business Road map - 2020" 

In 2015 under this program issued and repaid 233 loans amounting to 933.3 million tenge, provide employment to 233 people.Lending agricultural / non-agricultural businesses in rural areas under the program "Kasіpker"

Issued 1662 loan in the amount of 6.1 billion tenge, provide employment to 2447 people.

Lending program "Zhylyzhay" (loans for the construction greenhoses) 

Issued 183 loans valued at $ 1.3 billion tenge on the outstanding funds to provide employment 366 persons.


Lending under master plans Ministry of Agriculture (the program "Agribusiness 2020")

Lending program "Yrys" (development of mini-ITF 50 and 100 head of cattle)

In order to support the development of dairy farms in accordance with the master plan for the development of the Ministry of Agriculture of dairy cattle in the country planned to create a large MTF for 200 head of cattle and mini ITF 50 and 100 head of cattle. Fund in September 2014 was launched lending program for the development of mini-ITF 50 and 100 head of cattle. To this end, developed and approved conditions of "Yrys." In 2015, the program issued 47 loans in the amount of 1.7 billion. Tenge on the outstanding funds to provide employment 279. 

Loans under the program "Creation and development of milk-collection points" 

In 2015 issued 19 loans valued at $ 113.5 million tenge. The aim of the program is to create points of reception of milk, get loans and peasant farms, individual entrepreneurs, individuals and legal entities engaged in entrepreneurial activities in rural areas. 

Loans under the program "Tiny irrigation" 

Under this program in 2015 issued 38 loans valued at $ 212.1 million tenge for introduction of tiny irrigation on a general area 441 of hectares. Provide employment to 91 people.

Rural mortgages (loans to young professionals for the purchase or construction of housing) 

The program "With diploma to the village" the state supports young professionals in the form of budgetary credits for the purchase or construction of housing. Attorney agent to extend credit is the Fund. In 2015, the program issued 3120 loans amounting to 8.7 billion tenge.