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"Igylik" - increase in livestock cattle, small cattle, horses, other farm animals, birds and breeding of honey bees

- "Bereke" - fattening of farm animals and birds for the purpose of obtaining agricultural products

- "Eginzhay" - lending of agro-industrial complex subjects for replenishment of working capital for carrying out spring-field and harvesting works

"Kasipker" - organization and expansion of non-agricultural and agricultural businesses (with the exception of the special-purpose assignments provided by the programs of Игілік, Береке, Егінжай, Ынтымақ)

"Yntymak" - creation and development of service-procuring and processing organizations

"Yrys" - creation and expansion of dairy farms

"Eco-Damu" - development of alternative activities and introduction of sustainable environmentally sound methods of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and hunting

"Koldau" - support and development of business, ensuring economic activity of persons belonging to the target group