The lending program for the development of mini greenhouses "Zhylyzhay"

The goal of the program: the creation and expansion of small (farmers) greenhouses.

Target group: individuals and legal entities.

Intended purpose: the creation and acquisition of mini greenhouses.

The maximum loan amount per borrower: the eightymultiple monthly estimates established by the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on national budget for the year in which a positive decision on the financing of the project. 

Financial Instruments: loan. 

Interest rate: loan - 9.5% per annum, leasing - 7.5% per annum. 

The effective interest rate: the loan - no more than 10.8% per annum lease - no more than 8.46% per annum.

Term of Loan: not more than sixty (60) months.

Frequency of principal repayment: monthly / quarterly / one (1) every six months, with the possibility of partial / full prepayment for the term loan.

Frequency of repayment of remuneration: monthly / quarterly / one (1) every six months, with the possibility of repayment of accrued interest during the loan period for the actually used period.

Grace period for repayment of principal: no more than twelve (12) months.

Grace period for repayment of fees: no more than six (6) months.

Collateral: Pledge in accordance with the policy of the Company.

The initial contribution or additional security and types of leasing: 

- Initial contribution - at least 15% of the value of the lease made by the lessee prior to the signing of the Treaty of financial leasing, property or collateral value, covering at least 15% of the value of the lease granted prior to the signing of the Treaty of financial leasing, as well as other funds and other assets that the lessee must pay for the project, documented costs directly associated with the project, which are produced at its own expense.

Basic requirements for the borrower / lessee:

  • no arrears of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget at the date of submission / review of the application for credit (for FE, FH, KH, limited partnership); 
  • no arrears to second-tier banks and other financial institutions for the last reporting date (month of application); 
  • positive credit history (if any credit history).

Basic requirements for mini greenhouses:

  • metal frame; 
  • covering greenhouse film with a lifetime of not less than 3 (three) years;
  • use drip irrigation systems;
  • heating system;
  • ventilation system.

Special conditions:

  • annual insurance subject of leasing at the expense of the Lessee;
  • construction of mini greenhouses can be made on the land as Lessee, and on the land of the Company;
  • Construction in the case of mini greenhouses on the land lessee, land should belong to the Lessee the right of private property;
  • plot of land on which to build a mini greenhouses Borrower / Lessee shall be provided as collateral to the Company;
  • If the land belongs to the Company the right of ownership, the leasing object is a mini greenhouse with the land;
  • if the land is situated at the right time, onerous, long-term land use (long term lease) of the Company, subject of the lease is a mini greenhouse. After the execution of the Lessee of its obligations under capital leases Lessee independently decides whether to registration of the rights to the land for mini greenhouse with the consent of the Company.