Lending program "Kasipker"

Lending conditions parameters

Lending conditions


The funds of the program "Productive employment"

Own funds

The funds raised in the share capital

Target group

According to the program "Productive employment"

legal entities, individuals, PF, F, IE

Purpose of the program

entrepreneurship development

Special purpose

Organization and expansion of non-agricultural and agricultural businesses (with the exception of the special-purpose assignments envisaged by the programs "Игілік", "Береке", "Егiнжай", "Ынтымақ".


Up to 8,000 MCIs

Credit line/credit period

- no more than 60 (sixty) months;

- to replenish working capital - no more than 24 (twenty four) months

Interest rate

- no more than 6.0% per annum

- 6% per annum, the annual effective interest rate is no more than 6.7% per annum

14% per annum, the annual effective interest rate is not more than 16.4% per annum

Grace period for the repayment of ML and remuneration

not more than 6 (six) months 

Periodicity of ML repayment

- monthly / quarterly / 1 (one) once in six months, with the possibility of partial / full early repayment during the crediting period;

Periodicity of repayment of remuneration

- Monthly / quarterly, with the possibility of paying off the accrued interest during the crediting period for the actually used period

Repayment method

Annuity (with maturity equal payments) / differentiated (with repayment of principal debt in equal shares) / provision of flexible schedule


According to Collateral policy of the company