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Green Projects

The load reduction caused by human activities on nature is a global trend in the development of all spheres of human activity. Kazakhstan is aimed at the comprehensive development in this direction: the Concept for the transition to a green economy is developed; the policy is formed, which provides a set of measures for the transition to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


There are examples of completely independent settlements in the world, which consume energy only from renewable energy sources - in Germany, Denmark and Spain. For example, the Danish Government develops a sector of the green economy in aggregate - energy efficiency, resource conservation, waste management, recycling of resources, water sector, etc.

According to official data, the share of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan today is low - only 0.6% of the total volume of traditional sources, including small hydropower plants. But this area is now being actively developed. Moreover, not only large companies but also small business is turning their attention to alternative sources.

Agriculture Financial Support Fund", a subsidiary of the "KazAgro" Holding, finances the rural population and agricultural producers. During the last 3 years there are green projects in the number of credited ones by the fund.

One of them is implemented in Aktobe region. On the lending program funds "Murabaha" (involved in the Islamic Development Bank) in 2013, the Fund funded the purchase and installation of alternative energy sources for the peasant farm "Alimzhan". This farm is located 280 km from Aktobe town and 180 km from Chromtau town. The main activities are livestock and crop production, much milk and milk products are produced there as well as fodder for the sale to the local population.

Earlier due to the distance from populated areas there was no electricity in the farm. It was very expensive to draw traditional power lines. The small farm would not cover these costs.

Syrlybay Umirov the head of the farm heard that the Fund finances the purchase of solar panels and wind turbines, and have decided to take a chance and has not lost. On three million KZT, received by credit, the rural businessman bought hybrid equipment with the capacity 3 kW. The kit includes a wind generator, eight solar panels, controllers, and monitor the temperature sensor. The company that supplied the equipment has committed to provide technical support and maintenance.

- I installed solar panels and a wind turbine in 2013 on the territory of the rural district Copa of Chromtau Region - says Syrlybay Umirov. - The equipment operates smoothly for three years already. It is robust, resistant to wind and moisture. For those who are in remote rural locations, it is an indispensable tool. We use it to generate electricity – we connect the lights, the TV, the milking machine, refrigerator.

Another Green project financed by the Fund is being implemented in the village Beskol of the North-Kazakhstan region. The Borrower of the Fund Sermuhamet Oraluly received a loan under the program "Employment Road Map – 2020" for the purchase of equipment for the waste-free production of fuel pellets - euro-fuelwood that reduce wood consumption and harmful emissions into the environment.

Deforestation, as it is known, is one of the main problems of forest regions. During the processing and further use up to 35% of wood are transformed into waste. Since the main activity of Individual Businessman "Akhmutdinov" is the production of joinery, here they thought for a long time about the further use of chips and sawdust. Now, an individual businessman produces the so-called euro-wood that do not require additional costs for raw materials, have a high caloric content (heat production), when burning emit 100 times less harmful substances, mainly sulfur (compared to coal), form almost half of the slag and condensate.

-  With the help of this equipment we produce wood pellets from wood waste, which are equal to coal and natural stone by the thermal efficiency and are ecological fuel, - says the head of the IB "Akhmutdinov" Sermuhamet Oraluly. - 12 people are working in the shop. Technological line LGS-700 for the development of a new direction was bought in Russia.

In 2014 in Akmola region the Fund funded project of the Individual Businessman Sayat Sadvakasov, the main activity of which is the landscaping and beautification. At the time of the loan obtaining he has already had seven years of experience and a small team. The nursery, where the businessman grows trees, is located near Astana city, in the village Stepnoy of Shortandy district.

On loan funds in the amount of 9 million KZT, issued by the Fund under the "Kasipker" program, the business bought seedlings of poplar, willow, elm, fir-tree, pine, as well as a loader necessary in a farm with rigs. 2 people are constantly working in the nursery, in the autumn and spring period the staff is increased by hired workers up to 10 units. Local trees ready for planting, are delivered to the city enterprises engaged in gardening.

Thus the fund's clients contribute to the development of green technologies, which become a part of our lives and serve a great purpose - reduce the negative human impact on the environment, reduce waste, increase efficiency, mitigate the effects of climate change on the ground.

For information: Fund is a specialized financial-credit organization that provides services for microcredit rural population, agricultural producers, small businesses, and also lending to microcredit organizations that providing services in rural areas. Since 2007 it is a part of the "National Managing Holding "KazAgro" JSC.

September, 2015