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   Our company is a reliable partner in the implementation of investment projects, promoting the export of animal products, the introduction of innovations in the livestock industry.

   On our site you can get information about the Company's activities, ongoing projects, the latest news and events. You can also get answers to all your questions within the competence of the Company, setting them on the blog of Chairman. I hope that the form of interactive dialogue will be mutually useful and interesting and will be a good opportunity to exchange views, ideas and information.

   I would be grateful for all the constructive comments and suggestions regarding to the further development of the livestock industry.

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Activities in figures


Procurement from 2007 to 2015 годы, million tenge


Livestock exports by country  from 2001 to 2014


Implementation of bulls by regions, heads


About company

JSC "KazAgroProduct" is the successor of "JSC" Mal Onimderi korporatsiyasy "formed by decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 08, 2001 № 1168 with one hundred percent state participation. In 2007 the Company became a part of JSC "National Holding" KazAgro ".


The major strategic challenges:


      Assist in increasing the volume of industrial livestock production:

  •  Support  domestic agricultural producers through direct and forward purchase of livestock production;
  • Participation in filling feedlots and  processing enterprises.

Assistance in improving the profitability of production and increasing the competitiveness of livestock products:

  •  Implementation of a cluster system of livestock production by combining the subjects of agriculture in the overall production chain;
  •  Conducting the audit process;
  •  Providing consulting services.

      Assistance in promoting livestock production to export:

  •  Conduct market analysis, strategy and tactics input to foreign markets;
  •  Assist in the production process the required volume, quality, product characteristics in accordance with the requirements of certification and regulatory authorities of importing countries;
  •  Search distributors to sell products.

     Creation of an infrastructure of beef production on an industrial basis:

  •  The construction and modernization of feedlots with capacity of 3,000 heads of a one-time content.

     The organization of transformation of breed:

  •  Financing (issuing loans) for the purchase of breeding bulls to be placed in the public herd.