History of the Company

Year of 2001

Closed Joint Stock Company «Mal Onimderi korporatsiyasy» w as established in accordance w ith the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 1168 dated 08.09.2001.

Year of 2002

The first joint w ork w as organized w ith the enterprises processing raw materials of animal origin (primary processing of w ool – LLP «POSH Factory» (Taraz) and processing of hides of small cattle LLP «Umut» (Kostanay region, Arkalyk)

Year of 2003

Joint w ork w as organized on milk processing and production of import-substituting products (butter, fatless cheese, rennet cheese, cottage cheese) w ith dairy processing enterprises of Northern Kazakhstan, Akmola and Eastern Kazakhstan regions. The production of w oolen and tufted blankets w as set up in collaboration w ith «Asutor» (Almaty).

Year of 2004

The Company established a netw ork of milk collection stations to receive milk from agricultural producers.

Year of 2005

The production of finished products made of coarse w ool w as set up at the large enterprises of Western Kazakhstan and Northern Kazakhstan regions: technical felt, milled footw ear and felt.

Year of 2006

The Company introduced advanced technologies and equipment of such European firms as CGRD, Henkel to process cattle hides at the Kazakhstan tanneries.

Branches were established: for milk, raw hides, meat and wool.

Year of 2007

The Company became a part of JSC «National Holding «KazAgro».

LLP «Rudny milk factory» (Kostanai region, Rudny) w as taken for management.

Year of 2008

The certificate of quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 was received.

Implementation of the project «Creation of two modern fattening complexes with well-developed export infrastructure» w as launched in Almaty region, Akdala village, Balkhash district and in Western Kazakhstan region, Yanaykino village, Zelensky district.

For the first time in Kazakhstan export deliveries of meat to the Russian Federation were restarted. The Company exported beef (Moscow ) in the amount of 399.9 tons.

Year of 2009

As part of the Joint Action Plan of the Government, the National Bank and the Agency for Regulation and Supervision of Financial Market and Financial Organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on stabilization of the economy and financial system for 2009-2011, the Company made ​a proposal for the implementation of the follow ing investment projects:

1. Creation of a netw ork feed yards w ith w ell-developed export infrastructure;

2. Pilot project on creation of a netw ork of modular slaughterhouses;

3. Creation of meat processing facilities w ith production of block meat and lump meat cuts in vacuum packs;

4. Development of production and processing of fine wool.

These investment projects w ere approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

Branches were eliminated: for milk, raw hides, meat and wool.

Year of 2010

According to the Decision of the Board of Directors of JSC «National Holding «KazAgro» as of November 19, 2010 the Company w as renamed in JSC «KazAgroProduct».

The project «Development of export potential of meat in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020» w as w orked out.

A subsidiary LLP «KazMeat» w as established.

LLP «KazMeat» in partnership w ith the w ell-know n American company «Global Beef Investors, LLC» set up a joint Kazakhstan-American enterprise LLP «KazBeef LTD».

Regional offices in the cities of Almaty (a branch of Taraz), Kostanay, Ust-Kamenogorsk w ere established.

Implementation of the projects on «Establishment of tw o breeding farms reproducing up to 1000 heads of cattle breeding stock» and «Creation of a feed yard up to 5,000 cattle w ith w ell-developed infrastructure» w as launched.

As part of the investment project, the importation of purebred tribal cattle of Hereford and Angus beef breeds w as made from the United States of America (North Dakota).

Feed yard w as commissioned in Western Kazakhstan region, villageYanaykino, Zelenovsky district for 8640 heads (LLP «Crow n Batis»).

Year of 2011

Feed yard w as commissioned in Almaty region, village Akdala, Balkhash district by 5000 heads (LLP «OtesBio Asia»).

Tw o farms-reproducers w ere commissioned (facilities of LLP «KazBeef LTD»).

55%of ow nership interest in the authorized capital of LLP«KazBeef Ltd» w as alienated.

Year of 2012

Feed yard w as commissioned inWestern Kazakhstan region, villageYanaykino, Zelenovsky district for 8640 heads (LLP «Crow n Batis»).

Feed yard w as commissioned for up to 5,000 heads of cattle (facility of LLP «KazBeef LTD»).

The procedures of alienation of LLP «Rudny milk factory» and LLP «AgroKurylysKazakhstan» w ere initiated in accordance w ith the Order of the Antimonopoly Committee.

Year of 2013

30% of ow nership interest in the authorized capital of LLP «KazBeef Ltd» w as alienated.

New directions of activity of JSC «KazAgroProduct» 

Creation of Consortium on development of cattle meat export

Development of wool processing 

Transfer ofbreeding bulls in herd 

Creation of regional clusters of animal products