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Cluster in sheep breeding


   Managers and specialists of JSC "KazAgroProduсt" (hereinafter - the Company) with the heads of regional administrations and departments of agriculture in June 2013, there were two regional cluster in sheep breeding:

   1. Cluster in Almaty region, where the head of the elected Abdildenov Keneskhan - President "Regional Association Sheep Breeders' Zhetisu" , address Almaty region, Taldykorgan, st.Rakisheva 10, tel. +7 (7282) 30 90 16, e.mail: jetisu10@mail.ru.

  2. Cluster in  Zhambyl region, where the head of the elected Momyshev Bolat - General Director of "Factory POSH-Taraz", address Zhambyl region, Taraz, st.Sypatay batyr 8-B, tel. +7 (7262) 43 28 05 e.mail: posh_taraz@mail.ru.


The main purpose of the cluster is:


   A sustainable system of production, harvesting and processing of livestock products, based on mutual interests of its members in enhancing competitiveness and output for export.

   Cluster tasks:

- Introduction of the cluster approach in the production, purchase and sale of livestock products to compact placement in a particular region of completed production chains with the highest concentration of economic effect in the manufacturing sector;

- Helping to accelerate the development of infrastructure for the production and processing of livestock products;

- Adoption and application of uniform prices for the purchase of farm animals, procurement, processing and marketing of livestock products;

- Introduction of modern technologies, feeding animals and fodder production;

- Improving the quality of livestock products;

- Creating conditions for increasing capacity utilization of processing enterprises and feedlots.

In August 2013 members of regional clusters actively participated in the first congress of the Sheep Breeders in Kazakhstan.

Today Clusters together with the Society and local executive bodies are working on:

          - Organization of purchasing fine sheep wool in the amount of 2,000 tons and its further handling and processing enterprises of Processing sheep wool;

         - Today signed a contract for the supply of fine wool more than 1,000 tons of wool factories of Processing sheep wool in  cities Taraz and Shymkent;

          - Organization of lamb procurement of 500 tons and its further export sales to Iran;

         - Organization of procurement sheepskins its handling and processing for tanneries.


   Society is constantly working to timely financing the above activities.


  For participation in the Cluster can contact: The Department of Technical Audit and Consulting JSC "KazAgroProduct 'general manager - expert Idrishev Tursyn, telephone: 8 (7172) 695 - 500 (ext. 1042).