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Livestock cluster in cattle




1. Account of the essence of the program


The purpose of the Cluster:

Voluntary unification of efforts of JSC "KazAgroProduct" ,agricultural, processors of raw materials and products of animal origin, feedlots to increase production of high-quality, competitive livestock products for domestic market saturation and export.

Functions of JSC "KazAgroProduct" under development livestock Cluster:

- Agricultural funding, including participants

program "Sybaga" and processing enterprises to contracts procurement, in the presence of  bank guarantees and / or collateral property;

- Advice on housing, feeding, reproduction of farm animals;

- To assist in the promotion of products on the domestic and foreign markets.

Cluster tasks:

- Increase capacity utilization of cluster members by increasing the availability of funds and to establish long-term partnership between the cluster members;

- Improving the quality of livestock products produced and the formation of a single brand Kazakh cattle meat;

- Implementation of a unified export policy, the development of logistics infrastructure and distribution channels in the domestic market and for export.


2. Whom available / unavailable participation in the program:


Cluster members are:

- JSC "KazAgroProduct" and its subsidiaries;

- Domestic enterprises for processing animal raw materials (meat, wool, hides);

- Feedlots;

- Agricultural producers, including program participants' Sybaga "(peasants / farmers and / or individual entrepreneurs, agricultural producers);

- Trading company (in terms of public-private partnership involving the company through its subsidiaries, but not more than 24.5% stake).

Cluster members at their residence are combined into regional clusters.

Representatives of regional clusters and JSC "KazAgroProduct" form collegial advisory - an advisory body.


3. How to participate in the program (the conditions, requirements and participation mechanisms, the list of required documents, contact persons)


To qualify, a potential cluster members need to apply for funding to the regional cluster. Regional cluster after consideration of applications delivers recommendations for financing procurement, production, processing and marketing of livestock products in the advisory - an advisory body, which, after considering  form the overall application forms and guides in JSC "KazAgroProduct."

JSC "KazAgroProduct" provides funding to contracts procurement, processing and marketing of meat and livestock products in the presence of bank guarantees and / or collateral.

In the absence of the farmer bank guarantees or collateral property:

- Feedlot and processing plant offering direct purchase upon the availability of livestock;

- JSC "KazAgroProduct" and processing plant offering direct purchase from agricultural into the presence of meat and animal products.

Processing enterprises and agricultural producers supply of products for export is carried out directly or through a joint-stock company "KazAgroProduct" or through a trading company established in the framework of the Cluster.

For participation in the Cluster can contact: The Department of Technical Audit and Consulting JSC "KazAgroProduct", telephone: 8 (7172) 695 - 500 (ext. 1048.1041).


4. Conditions of preterm termination of participation in the program. Responsibility program participants


Participation in the Cluster open and voluntary, any participant is entitled join the agreement and withdraw from it. In case of exit from cluster member must fulfill its obligations under the contracts to the Company and the other members of the Cluster in full.


5. Further opportunities to the participants of the program


Increase in exports of beef under a single brand to Kazakhstan and other of livestock products.

Formation of an effective chain procurement, processing and marketing of livestock products.


6. Statistics program (statistics of participants by region and largest companies (small / medium / large business)


Today cattle ranching in clusters formed in the seven regions of the country:

- Akmola - 17 participants (medium / large business);

- West Kazakhstan - 10 participants (medium / large business);

- Kostanay - 8 members (medium / large business);

- Pavlodar - 13 participants (medium / large business);

- Aktobe - 8 members (medium / large business);

- East Kazakhstan region - 9 members (medium / large business);

- North Kazakhstan - 4 players (medium / large business).


General Terms and principles of giving fattening cattle scheme


The scheme of work for the purchase of calves to fill feedlots