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"KazMeat" LLP was established on March 19, 2010 by JSC "KazAgroProduct" which is part of JSC "National Managing Holding "KazAgro" for participation in implementation of the state program "Development of export potential of meat in the Republic of Kazakhstan", as well as in development of traditional industries: meat sheep breeding, horse breeding, camel breeding, other areas of animal husbandry.

The main objective of the Partnership is participation in supporting the subjects of agroindustrial complex through implementation of projects aimed at increasing the number, breed qualities and productivity of farm animals by means of:

  • participation in creating breeding farms-reproducers, feedlots, enterprises for storage and processing of forage;
  • financing agricultural producers in order to increase the breeding stock of specialized meat breeds of cattle, small cattle and horses;
  • delivery of the best pedigree cattle breeds to Kazakhstan, provision of breeding animals for temporary possession and use with the right of redemption in order to increase their numbers, and provision of the resulting animal yield and/or products, as well as equipment and specialized machinery to the property;
  • creation and organization of the farm animals market;
  • leasing of specialized machinery and equipment for feedlots and forage production enterprises;
  • increase in export of animal products by establishing a trading house on the principles of public-private partnerships together with the Russian company.