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The Kazakhstani Participated in Workshop ‘Agricultural Investment Project Management in China

During August 22 through September 11, 2017, 12 employees of KazAgroFinance JSC within the Kazakhstani delegation participated in the Workshop ‘Agricultural Investment Project Management for the New Silk Road Countries’ in China. The delegation also consisted of the employees from the subsidiaries of ‘NMH ‘KazAgro’ JSC, the representatives of the Meat Union of Kazakhstan, as well as the private entrepreneurs in agriculture.

The workshop was arranged by the Foreign Centre for Economic Cooperation under the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, where you had an opportunity to participate absolutely free-of-charge. This workshop was attended by the representatives from 6 countries with the absolutely different agriculture: Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malawi, Ghana, Laos.

During August 23-29, 2017 the delegation attended a number of lectures, which were  taught by the Doctors of Science, coaches of the Agrarian University of PRC on such topics as: agricultural policy of China, present situation and tasks in food safety, up-to-date management in agriculture, sustainable development of agriculture, theory and methods of agricultural development planning, investments and agricultural project management and etc.

From August 29 through September 9 the delegation stayed in the autonomous  territory of Ningxia-Yinchuan (north-west of PRC). For this period, they had an opportunity to visit the operating investment projects in the PRC agricultural development, as well as they participated in the Arabic-Chinese EXPO Investment Fair for the International Agricultural Cooperation in Ningxia.                               

Following the workshop, at the official closing ceremony, which took place on September 11, the Certificates of Successful Completion were presented.

This event is an excellent exchange of best practices for applying the high-tech methods, means in agriculture, and a good example for the bilateral cooperation development between the countries.

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